Xi'an Glare Biological Trade Co., Ltd.
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Welcome to Xi'an Glare

A little story about us

A family owned farm

     Xi 'an Glare is located in Xi 'an, China, an ancient and beautiful city,This is China's largest kiwi quality planting and processing base, we have our own orchards, cold storage and factories, kiwi variety is complete, red heart kiwi is loved by everyone.

     In addition to kiwi,we are also constantly exploring the local characteristics of fruits, vegetables, nuts and dried fruits : Fresh winter jujube,Fresh apples,Fresh plums,Fruits tea,Walnuts,Dried red dates, Fresh ginger and garlic and other fresh health products committed to the export trade,All products from Xi’an Glare are in line with HACCP/ISO/GAP certificates and have been recognized by buyers all over the world.

    Our Aim is to bring the hidden treasures of Health, Nutrition &Exciting flavors from China to the global market.