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You can’t think of the difference between "Chinese Apple" and "American Apple"

Publish Time: 2023-01-10 Views: 11

To know the difference between snake fruit and Huaniu apple, we must first understand these two kinds of fruits. In fact, both are types of apples, but they are different because of the different origins and varieties. Snake fruit is originally produced in California, USA. Many of the snake fruit sold on the market are imported from the United States. This delicious red apple has been translated into the name "snake fruit" because of the Oolong of Hong Kong people. This animal has nothing to do with it! The taste of snake fruit is very sweet and the juice is also very rich. It is naturally loved by everyone. In addition, the appearance of snake fruit is also very beautiful and very attractive. Therefore, in recent years, it has become more and more popular in China.

It is a specialty of Tianshui City, Gansu Province. Its meat is fine and crisp, rich in aroma, and good taste. Therefore, it is well-known at home and abroad. It is recognized by many Chinese and foreign experts and marketers as being as famous as American snake fruit and Japanese Fuji. my country's first apple variety to obtain an official trademark on the international market is also a well-known trademark in China.

Snake Fruit and Huaniu Apple are both big-name fruit brands! Although these two kinds of apples are somewhat similar, the difference can be seen from careful observation. The red snake fruit is more bright red and has some obvious edges and corners, while the flower cow apple has darker skin stripes and brighter snake fruit. These appearances can distinguish the two. The red snake fruit we buy in China is also produced in Tianshui, Gansu, but because these are two different varieties of apples, there is still a difference. Some merchants counterfeit the Huaniu apple because of the high price of red snake fruit. Sell, everyone must read it clearly!

Snake fruit and Huaniu apple are fruits of the same variety. The question about who is better depends on the benevolent and the wise. Because they are both the taste and texture of apples, but there are some small differences. The flesh of Huaniu apples is more dense and crispy. And the juice is more, while the snake fruit is sweet and refreshing, and the juice is relatively less. Everyone has different tastes. Of course, the love for these two fruits will be different!

Snake fruit and Huaniu apple are both well-known in the apple industry. Which one is more nutritious? In fact, the nutritional value of snake fruit and Huaniu apple are comparable. Snake fruit contains 15% carbohydrates and rich pectin, and the content of vitamins is also very rich. The rich potassium content in snake fruit can also help metabolize sodium in the body, which can reduce the risk of high blood pressure and keep some chronic diseases away from you. Therefore, the nutritional value of snake fruit is nothing to say.

The Huaniu apple is also a very nutritious apple. Compared with the apples we usually eat, it has higher nutritional value. In Huaniu apples, it is rich in dietary fiber and contains calcium, phosphorus, potassium and other components. They are all very rich. These nutrients can bring more nutritional supplements to the body and enhance the body’s immunity, so that disease resistance is enhanced. Regular eating of some apples can make the body more nutritious.

But in fact, the nutritional value of these two kinds of apples is equivalent. No matter which one is eaten, it can bring a lot of health benefits to the body. Even the ordinary apples we usually eat are also a very nutritious food. In short, there are many in daily life. It's definitely right to have some apples!