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You can do even more with kiwi fruit !

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Kiwi fruit is nutritious and very popular, in addition to eating fresh kiwi fruit directly, we can also use kiwi as a variety of delicious:


1. kiwi fruits Wine :Select ripe and softened fruits, remove the bruised, moldy and raw fruits, put them in bamboo baskets, and wash them with clean water. Then use the beater to break the fruit pulp, according to the ratio of 1 kg of fruit and 150 grams of sugar. After mixing, it is fermented in the tank, stirred every 2 hours to reduce the temperature, and the juice can be extracted after 6-8 days. For every 100 kg of fresh fruit, about 70 kg of juice can be produced. Add white wine into the juice, when the alcohol degree reaches 25 degrees, store at room temperature, add a small amount of citric acid to enhance the flavor when baking, bottle and store.

You can also peel the washed fruit and soak it in white wine to make kiwi wine, about 2 kg of white wine per kg of fruit can be soaked, half a month after the filter residue, and then about half a month, you can add water to prepare, and add sugar and citric acid as appropriate, to 17-18 degrees of alcohol, 10-11 degrees of sugar, acidity 0.3 degrees. Until kiwifruit wine color bright, mellow, can be bottled into storage.


2, Natural dried kiwi fruit:After the fruit is collected, remove the damaged, rotten, insect damage, wash with clean water, cut into 4-6 mm thick round pieces, placed in the sun for 3-5 days. In case of overcast and rainy days, it can be placed in the room with better ventilation conditions to dry or dry, and the dried fruit slices can be 20-30 kg per 100 kg of fresh fruit. The finished product is light brown, slightly sour taste, can be packaged in food plastic bags or jars and sealed storage.


3, Sweet dried preserved kiwi fruits :the dried fruit pieces will be baked, steamed soft in the rettor, poured into the enamel pot, every 100 kg of dry material with 5-10 kg of sugar while hot mix, so that the sugar melts; Let it sit in the sun. When there is no sugar liquid on the surface of the dried fruit, use a bamboo tray to hold it, and then dry it in the sun until 8-9.

Every 100 kg of dried fruit slices can be made sweet kiwi slices about 110 kg. The finished product is dark brown, soft in texture, sweet and delicious, and has a unique flavor. It can be stored in food plastic bags and jars.

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