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Why Xuxiang Kiwi called "Xuxiang"?

Publish Time: 2023-01-09 Views: 9

Everyone has eaten a variety of kiwi, such as: red heart kiwi, yellow heart kiwi, Xuxiang Kiwi! Xu Xiang is the most common food.

Let's talk about Xuxiang kiwi fruit

I think everyone is familiar with the name "Xuxiang". When they hear the name, they will think of kiwi fruit and kiwi fruit.

So why is it called "Xu Xiang"? In fact, Xuxiang Kiwi was not called Xuxiang at first. It is called "Maoli". At first, Maoli was covered with hair and was not cultivated.

Later, for the couple surnamed Xu, Maoli was introduced to Jiangshan for cultivation! The first batch of Mao pears were big and sweet, so they were named "Xu Xiang". At first, Xu Xiang was not known to everyone. Only local people knew that there was such a kind of fruit.

Later, some fruit industry experts learned that there was such a magical fruit. They specially organized local experts to take samples from the orchard for testing. The results surprised the experts.

The results showed that: Xuxiang kiwi fruit contains a variety of nutrients far more than ordinary fruit. According to the analysis of laboratory results, a kiwi is equivalent to 8-12 ordinary fruits. Every day only 1-2 can fully supplement the body's vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Not only that, at present in the fruit ranking of the humble Kiwi rose to the top of the fruit ranking.