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Why is kiwi fruit powder so popular?

Publish Time: 2023-06-27 Views: 13

Kiwifruit is rich in vitamins, kiwifruit powder also has the role of vitamin supplement, can also reduce cholesterol, have the effect of weight loss, while kiwifruit powder can also treat diarrhea and dysentery. Kiwi fruit powder is widely used, it can be used as a nutritional health drink for easy drinking all year long, and can be applied to various fields of food processing, improve the nutritional composition of food, improve the color and flavor of food, in addition in recent years, kiwi fruit powder and extract are also widely used in cosmetic skin care products and other fields.


We are committed to providing you with natural and nutritious fruit and vegetable products, kiwi fruit powder is one of our main hot selling products. Starting with the freshly picked kiwi fruit from the kiwi orchard, we strictly control every step of the product production. The following is the kiwi fruit powder related product introduction:


Color: the fruit powder is yellowish-green, the solution is clear and clear, and it is a clarified liquid after rinsing. 

Flavor: It has the unique color and fragrance of kiwi fruit. 

Shape: uniform granular, particle size 92%, ultra-fine powder, more easily dissolved, no caking, no impurities. 

Moisture content ≤5% Dissolution time S≤45 seconds 

It does not contain any additives, heavy metal content  Lead ≤0.3mg/kg     arsenic ≤0.1mg/kg

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