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Why does fresh kiwi seldom bear fruit when it has luxuriant branches and leaves?

Publish Time: 2023-01-09 Views: 7

By may, fresh kiwi fruit in Sichuan has entered the young fruit stage, and the fruit thinning work will be carried out in succession. In some orchards, kiwi fruit grows well with luxuriant branches and leaves, and there are no diseases and pests, but there are very few fruits. What's the matter?

According to the local conditions, we analyzed the main cause of low fruit setting of kiwi fruit: uneven fertilization.


1. Partial application of nitrogen fertilizer

The flowering stage of kiwi fruit is the simultaneous process of vegetative growth and reproductive growth, which needs to consume a lot of nutrients.

Partial application of nitrogen fertilizer from germination to flowering and fruiting stage will lead to vigorous growth of kiwi fruit branches, and a large amount of nutrients will be consumed by the branches, resulting in insufficient nutrient supply of flowers and fruits, serious flower and fruit drop, and less fruit setting.

2. Neglecting the application of phosphate fertilizer and medium and trace element fertilizer

The flowering and pollination of kiwi fruit need phosphorus fertilizer, trace elements B, Zn, etc. the deficiency of P, B, Zn nutrients leads to poor development of flower bud organs, affects the quality of flowering and pollination, and leads to low fruit setting rate.

3. Lack of organic fertilizer

Due to the lack of organic fertilizer in the soil, the young kiwi fruit is easy to fall due to the insufficient supply of nutrients.

At the same time, the spring weather is relatively dry, the vegetative growth and reproductive growth of kiwi fruit are in a vigorous period, this period is sensitive to water, if the long-term drought, lack of water supply, there will be a large number of fruit drop.


How to manage such orchard, and then it will be high-yield in the next year?

This year, the fruit setting has been formed. In the later stage of fruit growth, attention should be paid to the management of fertilizer and water. In the early stage, high potassium and high phosphate fertilizer + calcium fertilizer should be added. Meanwhile, humic acid fertilizer should be applied underground to control nitrogen fertilizer. Prepare for the next year's high quality and high yield.

The water and fertilizer integration facilities can be used. When the water is dry, it can supplement water in time and no longer rely on the sky to eat.

Besides the management of fertilizer and water, Horticulture Management is also very important. In summer, the branches grow slightly, and all branches need to be pinched, including one shoot, two shoots and three shoots, with strong branches and strong shoots, long branches, short branches, short branches, long shoots, two or three short shoots, long tasty varieties, and suitable varieties of Chinese varieties.