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What is the difference between red heart, yellow heart and green heart kiwi?

Publish Time: 2023-01-10 Views: 10

In the season of eating kiwis, with the large number of kiwis on the market, there are endless varieties of kiwis on the market. You may not see much difference on the surface, but there are big differences inside, including red hearts, yellow hearts, and Green heart, this also makes many foodies very curious, what is the difference between these three different colors of kiwi fruit! Let me share with you today. What is the difference between red heart, yellow heart and green heart kiwi? I don't understand that your kiwi is eaten for nothing.

1. Different origin

For the red kiwifruit, it is mainly produced in Meixian County, Shaanxi Province, China, which is also the hometown of kiwifruit in China. It is located at the foot of Taibai Mountain, the main peak of the Qinling Mountains, and enjoys an advantageous geographical location. Then Guangyuan City, Sichuan is also a place where red kiwifruit is produced, in Pujiang County, Chengdu. My friends believe that a lot of red kiwis will be eaten! Then there is the yellow-hearted kiwi. In Pujiang County, it also has a name called "Jinyan". The green-hearted kiwi is produced in Xuxiang, Jiangshan, and the locals also call it "Cuiyu".

2. Different taste

The flesh of the red kiwi is more tender, the aroma is more intense, and it tastes sweet and refreshing. Compared with other colors of kiwi, its sweetness is very high. Many friends who have eaten the red kiwi may not be able to adapt to it for the first time. Sweetness, while the yellow-heart kiwi is firmer, the flesh is bright yellow, crystal clear, and the taste is sweet. Finally, the green-heart kiwi is also the most common one. The fruit is relatively large and the taste is also rich and delicious.

3. Different nutrients

The edible and medicinal value of red kiwi is very high, so it is considered to have the highest nutritional value among kiwis, especially the vitamin C in it is particularly high, more than 10 times higher than lemon, and more than 20 times higher than apple. The reputation of the king of vitamin C, plus the high calcium content in it, and the yellow-hearted kiwi fruit contains the most basic vitamin C and A, as well as fiber and minerals required by the body, and other fruits are relatively rare Folic acid, carotene, lutein, and other nutrients. Finally, Green Heart Kiwi contains Vc, VE, VK and other vitamins. It is a low-fat food rich in nutrition and dietary fiber, and has obvious effects on weight loss and beauty.

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