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What are the types of Chinese apples? Which one is best

Publish Time: 2023-01-10 Views: 15

What are the types of Chinese apples?

1. Red Fuji Apple

Red Fuji apple is one of the most common apple varieties on the market. I believe that even people who don't eat apples often will be familiar with this variety of apples. Red Fuji apple is the general name of Fuji, a coloring system selected from the buds (branches) of ordinary Fuji. Fuji apples were hybridized in 1939 by the Morioka branch of the Fruit Tree Test Center of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan, using Guoguang as the female parent and Marshal as the male parent. Red Fuji apples ripen early, the flesh is crispy and sweet, and the coloring is good. They are very popular in the market.

2. Golden Delicious Apple

Golden Delicious Apples, also known as Yellow Bananas, Huang Marshals, and Jinshuais, are well-known varieties of apples. They are an important high-yield variety with excellent fruit quality. Golden Delicious apples are large in size, golden on the surface after maturity, the color reveals blush, the luster is bright, the flesh is fine, the juice is plump, the taste is strong, sweet and sour.

3. Gala Apple

Kola apple, also known as Jiali fruit, is a hybrid of orange apples and marshals. It is originally produced in New Zealand. It is smaller than the red Fuji apples. It is characterized by bright fruit, golden flesh, sweet and sour, and storage-resistant. Easy to manage, it is also one of the apple tree varieties that many growers like.

4. General Red

Snake fruit also has a name called Red Marshal, which is native to the United States and is one of the main cultivated species in the world. Among imported fruits, snake fruit is a relatively common fruit. There are red snake fruit, green snake fruit and golden snake fruit, which are somewhat similar to apples. Snake fruit is rich in fiber and potassium. It also contains a variety of carotene, vitamins, and a variety of minerals. In particular, the potassium and pectin contained in snake fruit rank first among the fruits. This fruit is suitable for all people

The Red General Apple is an early-maturing Red Fuji that has been introduced by experts from Japan. It is a very good mid-ripening variety. Its taste is indeed more outstanding, the flesh is yellowish-white, the texture is slightly looser than the red Fuji, sweet and crispy, the fragrance is rich, the skin is thin and juicy. But its appearance is very similar to the traditional Red Fuji.

5. Huaguan

Huaguan fruits are cone-shaped, with an average fruit weight of 170g. The background color of the fruit is green and yellow, and the fruit surface is 1/2~2/3 bright red with red continuous stripes. The fruit surface is smooth and rust-free, and the fruit is sparse and small; the flesh is light yellow. The meat is dense, crispy and juicy, with a moderately sweet and sour flavor and fragrance. The soluble solid content is about 14.0%, and the total sugar content is 11.9%.

There are many kinds of fruits and their tastes are also different, but the most delicious is the Red Fuji apple. Its flesh is crisp and sweet, and the price is also affordable. In addition, it is rich in nutrients and low in calories, making it very suitable for dieters.