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What are the benefits of eating apples? Can you really lose weight? The difference between pink appl

Publish Time: 2023-01-10 Views: 16

Apples can be said to be the most common kind of fruit in our daily lives. Even in a small fruit shop or stall with a single variety, you can see apples. Now many young women think that they eat apples. There are many benefits to lose weight, so what are the benefits of eating apples? Can eating apples really lose weight? What are the benefits of eating apples? Can you really lose weight? Do not eat the staple food and only eat apples, it does have the effect of weight loss, because apples contain less calories. Eating apples instead of staple food can take up space in the stomach, avoid hunger to a certain extent, and avoid excessive calorie intake, so it has a weight loss effect. However, eating only apples and not other foods is not a good way to lose weight, because only apples are too nutritious. Our human health requires protein, vitamins, minerals, etc. in addition to calories. Apple alone cannot meet nutritional needs. Don’t lose weight by eating only apples.

This is an unhealthy behavior, and the rebound may be great later.

1. Can prevent colds

Apple contains 13% of the vitamin C that the human body needs in a day, which can enhance the body's resistance; in addition, apples also contain some fiber and other nutrients. Regular consumption can help improve the body's ability to prevent colds. A certain effect.

2. Lower cholesterol

Eating more apples can also lower cholesterol, thereby lowering blood pressure and menstrual blood lipids.

3. Relieve intestines and relieve diarrhea

Apples are rich in tannic acid, malic acid, organic acids, pectin, cellulose and other substances which have astringent effects. Among them, pectin and ce llulose can absorb bacteria and toxins, so it can benefit the intestines and stop diarrhea.

The difference between pink apple and crisp apple

There are also many types of apples, such as Guoguang, Marshal, Red Star, Red Fuji, etc. There are thousands of varieties. In fact, there are two types in terms of taste: pink apples and crisp apples.

First of all, there is no significant difference in appearance between pink apples and crisp apples. The color of the peel is mainly determined by the anthocyanin synthesis content, and there is no way to distinguish between pink apples and crisp apples from the appearance.

The nature of apple powder and crispness is actually caused by the difference in the content and properties of insoluble pectin and cellulose in the pulp cells of the apple during the mature period.

Due to different apple varieties, the degree and rate of cell adhesion decline are different, which results in differences in crispness and powder between apples. Some varieties are crispy, and some varieties are flour.

After the apple matures, the insoluble pectin content decreases, the soluble pectin content increases, the fiber content decreases, the adhesion between cells decreases, and the pulp gradually softens (that is, becomes powdery) from the hard and brittle when immature.

Crisp apples have higher nutritional value, and pink apples generally have a higher starch content.

I always have friends asking whether pink apples are better or crispy apples. In fact, both are good. It depends on everyone's personal preference. There is one more variety that you like.