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Types of Yellow Heart Kiwi

Publish Time: 2023-01-10 Views: 19

1. Jinyang: Chinese, average single fruit weight 85g, maximum fruit weight 155g, oblong shape, neat fruit shape; yellow flesh, delicate flesh, sweet flavor, soluble solids 15.0%, good quality. In Xuzhou area, it matures in mid to late September. It can be stored for 15 days at room temperature and about 50 days under refrigerated conditions.

2. Huayou: Chinese line, the fruit matures in late September, and the best harvest period is early October. 3-5 days earlier than jade, the fruit is oval, neat, and has good commercial properties. The single fruit weight is 80-120 grams, the largest single fruit weight is 150 grams, the fruit surface is brown or greenish brown, the hair is sparse, small and easy to fall off, and the peel is thick Hard to peel. Immature fruit, green flesh, yellow or green-yellow flesh after maturity, fine and juicy flesh, rich aroma, sweet flavor, good quality and refreshing.

3. Xinmei: Chinese series, the newly introduced Japanese high-sugar kiwifruit variety, the fruit matures in early October, and the average fruit weight is 106 grams. The fruit is oblong, straight, and soft. The flesh is finer, the sugar content is 18%, and the flavor is strong and sweet. The variety is high-yield, stable, and highly resistant, and it is also a key popularized variety in Japan.

4. Xixuan No. 2: Chinese kiwifruit is a mid-early mature variety, mature in mid-September, with early fruit, high yield and strong yield. The fruit of this strain is long and cylindrical, well-proportioned and beautiful. The fruit is mature and has a greenish-brown surface. The flesh is delicate and juicy. The soluble solid content can reach 23%. The flavor is sweet and refreshing.

5. Golden Peach: The fruit is long and cylindrical, with yellow-brown skin, smooth and hairless. The top of the fruit is slightly concave and the appearance is good. The average weight of a single fruit is 82 g, and the maximum is 121 g. The core is small and soft, the flesh is golden yellow, and the texture is crisp, thin and juicy. Moderately sweet and sour, containing vitamin C 1 470~l 520 mg/kg, soluble solids 18.0%, organic acids 1.69%. The yield is high. The fruit is picked in Wuhan in mid-to-late September and can be stored for about 40 days at room temperature. Pollinated variety ‘Moshan 4’.

6. Jinyan: The Chinese line is a new variety selected from the hybrid offspring by crossing the kiwifruit as the female parent and kiwifruit as the male parent. The tree is strong and vigorous, the fruit is long and cylindrical, with an average fruit weight of 101g and a maximum fruit weight of 141g. It is beautiful and tidy, with a yellowish-brown skin and less hair. The flesh is golden, the soluble solid content of the fruit is 16% on average, the highest is 19.8%, the acid content is 0.86%-1.55%, the solid-acid ratio is 10.5-18, the vitamin C content is up to 1055mg/kg, the flesh is tender and juicy, with flavor Sweet and delicious, rich in nutrition. Compared with other kiwifruit varieties, its fruit size is more symmetrical, the appearance is smoother, the commodity rate is 75%, the maturity time after fruiting is long, it has strong early fruit, high yield and storage resistance, and can be stored at room temperature. Month, so the economic benefits are higher.

7. Golden fruit: New Zealand's newest variety. It matures in early October. The fruit is long oval and golden, with a single fruit weight of 90g-121g. The skin is dark green and the fruit surface is hairless. The core is small and soft, the flesh is golden yellow, and the texture is fine and juicy. Tastes good. The first fruit is early, and 80% of the grafted seedlings can bear fruit in the second year. Good yield, good flavor and high vitamin C content.