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Tomato powder is not only for food

Publish Time: 2023-06-27 Views: 12

Tomato powder is rich in nutrition, which contains a lot of vitamin c and minerals, belongs to the low calorie, low fat food. Often taking tomato powder can whiten, anti-aging, anti-cancer, lose weight and reduce fat, clear heat and detoxify, strengthen stomach and relieve thirst.


Tomato powder is not only a food, but also a cosmetic. Tomato powder also be applied in the facial mask and  beauty skin care can play a beauty, fade the effect of spots.  It's very popular in the market .

With the rapid development of domestic market and international trade demand and the improvement of people's living standards, the food industry has also begun to develop rapidly, and the demand for tomato powder in the food industry ingredient market and condiment market is increasing day by day. High-quality tomato powder can be rehydrated and processed into different concentrations of tomato paste, tomato juice, tomato sauce and tomato soup, etc. Tomato powder can also be used as an ingredient directly for convenience food, snack food, soup, sauce and other premixes, in addition, tomato powder can also be used as a substitute for tomato for some special markets. include geological exploration, military camping training, border posts such as islands and snow mountains, Nordic winter ski tourism, war, and aerospace food.

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