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The world's first genetically modified apple enters the catering channel

Publish Time: 2023-01-10 Views: 11

According to the Canadian AndNowUKnow (ANUK) report, the genetically modified anti-browning apple Arctic® developed by Okanagan Specialty Fruits (OSF) in Canada has successfully entered the domestic catering channels.

Arctic® Arctic apple is the world's first genetically modified apple variety. The pulp has no visible oxidation after biting, cutting or crushing, and will not turn brown. The shelf life of sliced apples can be as long as 28 days, and it still retains the fresh taste of "just picked from the orchard", suitable for catering and ready-to-eat channels, thereby reducing unnecessary food waste. At present, there are three varieties of Arctic apples: Golden apples (Arctic®Golden), green apples (Arctic®Granny) and Fuji apples (Arctic®Fuji), which have passed the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) , Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), Health Canada (HealthCanada) approval.

OSF Marketing and Communications Director Rebecca Catlett (Rebecca Catlett) said, “In the past six months, the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic has made people pay more attention to maintaining social distance and unnecessary contact. Nowadays, more and more Of consumers like to choose pre-packaged products that are not in direct contact. Arctic® Arctic Apple has this advantage. The company will soon launch a 2-ounce (about 56.7 grams) package, which is very suitable for supermarkets, restaurants and schools nationwide Used in nutrition plans."

At present, in local Canadian supermarkets, 5-ounce and 10-ounce packages of Arctic apples, golden apples and green apples, are already very common. Rebecca said that the sales of golden apples and green apples are increasing significantly, and Fuji apples will be harvested for the first time in 2021. At the same time, the new variety of Gala (Arctic®Gala) is about to pass the regulatory review process and is expected to begin commercial planting next year.

Arctic Apple provides a scientific solution to solve apple browning, which not only reduces food waste, but also allows fresh apples to be used in many menus and scenes that were not suitable before. Now OSF is seeking catering partners to develop distribution channels. At the same time, a chef plan is prepared, and consumers can use this function to discover where they can eat Arctic apples. In December, OSF will appear as an honorary sponsor at the 2020 Children's Health Summit hosted by the Culinary Institute of America, focusing on campus nutrition plans and discussing how to provide more healthy food for young consumers.

OSF was established in 1996 in the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, Canada. The local climate is dry and suitable for agricultural production. The goal of the company’s establishment is to develop anti-browning apples. The scientific research team used 7 years to develop the “Gene Silencing” technology, which shuts off polyphenol oxidase and releases it slowly at very low levels to brown the apple The time was extended to three weeks. After about 5 years of data preparation and the regulatory approval process lasting 10 years, Arctic® Arctic apples were harvested for the first time in 2016.