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The six truths about fresh kiwi fruit,so amazing!

Publish Time: 2023-01-09 Views: 11

Fresh kiwi fruit has a long history in China. It has been recorded in Erya, Shijing and later medical books of Tang, song, Ming and Qing Dynasties more than 2000 years ago.


Truth 1:

The vitamin C content of fresh kiwi fruit is 5-10 times that of orange

Fresh kiwi fruit is known as the "king of fruit". The vitamin C content in fresh kiwi fruit is 5-10 times higher than that in hawthorn, and is next only to jujube, seabuckthorn and Rosa roxburghii. Vitamin C has a strong reducibility, so it is a strong water-soluble antioxidant vitamin. It can improve the antioxidant capacity of red blood cells in the body and improve the immune level of the body.

Truth 2:

The dietary fiber content of kiwi fruit is twice that of pineapple

Fresh kiwi fruit is rich in dietary fiber. Every 100g kiwi fruit contains 2.6g dietary fiber, which is twice as much as that in pineapple; Soluble dietary fiber can promote intestinal peristalsis, delay intestinal absorption of sugar and lipid, and control the rise of blood glucose.


Truth 3:

Recent studies have found that fresh kiwi fruit can reduce triglyceride

About the efficacy of fresh kiwi fruit, in 739 ad, Chen cangqi, a famous doctor of the Tang Dynasty, wrote in the book "materia medica collection": "fresh kiwi fruit is salty, warm and nontoxic, and can be used as medicine;

It is mainly used to treat "gujiefeng, paralysis, long-term white hair, hemorrhoids, regulating middle and lower Qi". Liu Han and Ma Zhi of the Song Dynasty wrote in Kaibao materia medica: "fresh kiwi fruit can stop sudden thirst, relieve vexation and heat, and go down to stone shower. If rekui has nausea, take it with juice and ginger juice.

In 1973, the national collection of Chinese herbal medicine contains "fresh kiwi fruit tastes sour and sweet; It is cold in nature. Regulating qi, generating fluid and moistening dryness, relieving heat and removing vexation. Root and root bark: bitter and astringent; It is cold in nature. Clearing away heat and toxin, promoting blood circulation and detumescence, dispelling wind and dampness ". Recent studies have found that kiwi fruit can prevent the formation of carcinogen nitrosamine, reduce blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and has preventive and adjuvant therapeutic effects on cancer, hypertension, dyslipidemia, coronary heart disease, etc.

Truth 4:

Fresh kiwi fruit can be eaten with seafood

It is said that a large amount of vitamin C will reduce the pentavalent arsenic in seafood to trivalent arsenic with strong toxicity. This seems scary, but when you think about it, who will eat more than a kilo of fresh kiwi fruit at a time, and eat shrimp and crabs full of washbasin at the same time? The more important premise is: these shrimp and crabs must also grow in seriously polluted waters, and the arsenic level should reach 500 times. So don't forget that "putting aside the dose and saying poison is equivalent to playing hooligans".


Truth 5:

Fresh kiwi fruit can be eaten with milk

In other words, this kind of collocation is easy to make milk coagulate and difficult to digest. So, milk encounter kiwi juice after flocculent, can't digest it? According to this, do not drink yogurt, because the protein can not be absorbed.

As we all know, the acidity of our own stomach acid is much higher than that of fresh kiwi fruit. Casein in milk coagulates into something like bean curd when it meets acid substances, so it will be digested slowly in the stomach instead of "downstream", so it can be better absorbed. This is too simple common sense.


Truth 6:

People with a cold stomach can also eat fresh kiwi fruit.

In fact, the so-called stomach cold is that the digestive function of the stomach is weak, and you can't eat food that is difficult to digest or has a relatively low temperature, so first of all, don't eat cold kiwi fruit, so as not to affect the digestive function after the stomach gets cold;

Secondly, you can't eat too hard kiwi fruit, because the protease activity in the ripened kiwi fruit is strong, which can easily stimulate the upper gastrointestinal mucosa, and even decompose the protein in the oral mucosa, causing tingling discomfort. Therefore, it is recommended to eat mature kiwi fruit after meals.

In fact, fresh kiwi fruit and high protein meat together, will better promote the digestion of meat, and give dishes rich taste.