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The development process of Zhouzhi Kiwi

Publish Time: 2023-01-09 Views: 9

From the 1970s to the early 1980s, the Zhouzhi Horticulture Station first surveyed wild kiwifruit resources in the Zhouzhiduan Mountains of the Qinling Mountains and collected more than 100 excellent individual plants. The kiwifruit experiment station was established in Jinguan Village, Sizhu Township, to observe the growth of individual plants. Under the circumstances, Comrade Zhang Qingming presided over the experiment and served as the stationmaster.

In 1986, the excellent individual plants "Zhouzhi 101" and "Zhouzhi 111" of the kiwifruit test station in Zhouzhi County were named "Qinmei" and "Qincui" by the Shaanxi Provincial Seed Resources Appraisal Committee.

In 1989, the Zhouzhi County Horticulture Station carried out the first field planting of kiwifruit in Nansizhu Village of Sizhu Township, Renyan Village and Qunxing Village of Mazhao Town, and Changxi Village of Yabai Town. The planting area reached 3000 mu. Farmers in Yabai Town Shang Shenming selected and bred excellent individual kiwifruit "Zhouyuan No. 1" and was named "Yute" after application.

In 1992, the Zhouzhi County Party Committee and Zhouzhi County People's Government issued the "Ninth Five-Year Plan for the Development of Kiwifruit in Zhouzhi County". Shaanxi Provincial Science and Technology Department built the first 1,000-ton cold storage in Xinjiazhai Township.

In 1993, the planting area of kiwifruit in Zhouzhi County reached 100,000 mu.

In 1995, "Qin Mei" and "Dute" respectively won the "Gold Award" and "Silver Award" of the Second Agricultural Fair. The Zhouzhi County Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Zhouzhi County People's Government proposed that "one acre of garden per household, and gardens in a row, three years The slogan of "eliminate blank spots" encourages units and cadres and employees to take the lead in building parks.

In 1996, the CPC Zhouzhi County Committee and Zhouzhi County People's Government established kiwi fruit as the mainstay product.

Upgraded to Lixian Industry in 1997.

In 1998, Zhouzhi County was recognized by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China as the country's only kiwi standardization management model county, and "Qinmei" kiwi fruit was awarded the title of "Famous Brand Product" in the Third Agricultural Expo.

In 1999, "Qin Mei" won the gold medal of Kunming World Horticultural Exposition.

In 2000, Zhouzhi County was awarded the "Agricultural Standardization Demonstration County" by the National Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision. The "Qinmei" Kiwifruit won the Gold Award of the 7th China Yangling Agricultural Expo, and "Qinmei" was awarded the "International Famous Brand Product".

In 2003, Zhouzhi County established the "Xi'an 10,000 Mu Green Kiwi Fruit Production Base".

In 2004, Zhouzhi County kiwifruit obtained the national green food certification.

In 2005, Zhouzhi County kiwifruit continued to obtain national green food certification.

In January 2006, Zhouzhi County was awarded the “Tenth Five-Year Plan” Shaanxi Fruit Industry Strong County.

In 2007, Zhouzhi Kiwifruit was awarded the "National Geographical Indication Protection Product", and the excellent single plant "Xiqi 9" was named "Cuixiang".

In 2008, Zhouzhi kiwi fruit obtained the national organic food certification.

In January 2010, Zhouzhi County was awarded the "Eleventh Five-Year" Shaanxi Fruit Industry Strong County, and Zhouzhi Kiwi was certified as an organic food again.

In August 2013, China Aerospace Foundation awarded Xi'an Jinzhouzhi Kiwifruit Industry Co., Ltd. the title and commercial mark of "China Aerospace Industry Supporter".

In 2014, in the evaluation of the regional public brand value of China's agricultural products, the brand value of Zhouzhi kiwifruit ranked first in China's kiwifruit regional brand value list with 3.284 billion yuan.

In 2015, Zhouzhi Kiwifruit won the top 50 regional fruit brands in China, developed e-commerce, and built an organic kiwifruit industry city.

In April 2016, Zhouzhi kiwifruit seeds successfully carried the "Shijian 10" satellite, opening a new era of space breeding.