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The best way to preserve apples

Publish Time: 2023-01-10 Views: 6

Apple likes cold, but not extremely low temperature, because freezing will cause all cells to rupture and destroy. However, the low temperature above freezing can maintain the quality of apples and extend the shelf life. The storage location and time should be determined based on the number and variety of apples, and the expected time of eating.refrigeration

If you plan to eat apples soon, you don’t have to spend too much time on storage, and the refrigerator is enough. Some refrigerators have special fruit and vegetable storage boxes. These boxes can help you control the internal humidity. You can consult the refrigerator manufacturer for recommendations on controlling the humidity of apples. Under normal circumstances, Apple does not like too dry environment, because it will shrink. It is best to put a plastic bag to deal with when the humidity in the cold storage is low.

Apples can interact with other fruits and vegetables in many ways, so they need to be isolated in the refrigerator. First, apples emit a chemical called ethylene, which is absorbed by other fruits and vegetables including carrots (which become bitter), lettuce (which has brown spots), and broccoli (which turns yellow).

In addition, the smell of apples will be absorbed by Chinese cabbage and onions and affect the taste. In addition to isolating the apples, putting a box of baking soda in the freezer can also help solve the problem. Of course, pay attention to humidity and vinyl, storage of bagged apples in a refrigerator is the best way.

Long-term preservation

To store apples for a long time, we must first choose high-quality varieties. They cannot be damaged or fully mature. Apples suitable for long-term preservation are seasonal Fuji and green apples. But early ripening apples are not the best choice.

If there is no cellar or basement, it can be stored in a room or porch. Covering with straw helps prevent freezing. Similarly, apples should be separated from other vegetables and fruits.Maturity and storage

Many apple varieties have multiple colors. Ripe apples have a yellow-green undertone, but immature red apples have a green undertone and are relatively hard. If you want to eat apples right away, you should choose well-ripe apples. But if it is intended for long-term storage, it is not fully mature.