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Superfood powder make you beautiful !

Publish Time: 2023-06-12 Views: 10


In different people's lives, the effect of drinking water is also different. As the easiest way to "become beautiful", many girls like to make scented tea and effervescent tablets to supplement their daily water needs. With the sharing of many fitness bloggers, acai berry powder and Camu fruit powder once again swept the Internet, and many people began to pay attention to these superfood powder.

Raw cocoa powder

• Raw cocoa powder produced by low-temperature fermentation contains high nutritional value, slightly bitter taste, suitable for people with antioxidant needs.

Matcha powder

• Matcha powder has a variety of nutrients, also has some antioxidant power, and is rich in dietary fiber. You can directly flush water, or with soy milk, milk, or make desserts, so that the fresh tea smell arouses the taste buds.



Acai powder

• Acai powder is rich in anthocyanins, also contains potassium, calcium, dietary fiber, has a high nutritional value, can help regulate blood sugar. Acai powder is often served with oatmeal or yogurt, and many supermodels make their own acai bowl by mixing acai powder or puree with frozen blueberries, bananas, yogurt or milk, and almond milk in a juicer, and then covering it with various fruits, cereals, and nuts.

Camu fruit powder

• Kamu fruit is the fruit of a shrub that grows along the banks of the Amazon rainforest. Compared with oranges, camu fruit is more rich in vitamin C, and can supplement iron, folic acid and other elements, with antioxidant effects. In addition, Camo can help improve mood and improve energy, which is favored by many fitness bloggers.

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