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Spring Festival Apple stocks large quantities and quickly

Publish Time: 2023-01-09 Views: 6

During the Spring Festival, the timing of stocking fruits continues to pop up on the market, and the production area is also a busy scene, in sharp contrast with last month. Judging from the current situation of Apple's stocking, customers have a large stocking volume and shipped quickly, and the market is fully digested. This stocking scene also gives a touch of comfort to the fruit growers in this year's apple storage. Anyhow, the current large volume of goods is also expected to stock Apple.

So is this really the case? Why is the current Apple production area stocking up to good customers?

is mainly due to the influence of the traditional Spring Festival. Under normal circumstances, the Spring Festival has always been the best time for Apple to sell. The annual sales volume during the Spring Festival is large, accounting for about 30% of the total output. This year's stocking also shows that the merchants attach great importance to this year's Spring Festival.

The difference from the past is that cold storage apples have already begun to be sold at the end of November in previous years. This year, cold storage apples, except for the Northeast Hanfu, have slowly started trading before the Spring Festival. The contrast between the normal scenes of previous years and the desertedness of last month of this year is obvious. Everyone suddenly felt that this year's Spring Festival is a good product. Some people even predict that Apple will sell at a higher price after the Spring Festival.

In addition, with the tightening of the epidemic policy this year, the prices of apples and other fruits in some sales areas have shown an increase. Of course, the main reason is that the price of daily consumer goods, fruits and vegetables will increase due to fear of consumer panic caused by the closure of the city; at the same time, merchants are also afraid Strict control is not sold by Apple, so the stocking aspect shows a relatively large amount.

But different from the past, this year, except for the low price of apples in Mengyin, Shandong, where the price of apples is good, the main shipments from other producing areas are mainly from customers' own inventory, and most of the customers are in the loss-making market. Everyone knows that the purchase price of Apple is higher this year. Although it is currently the Spring Festival sales season, the price of apples is still not satisfactory. Therefore, some fruit growers are not optimistic about the market outlook. Everyone is welcome to share the market quotations of various fruits.