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Shaanxi kiwi is strong? Authoritative data is released!

Publish Time: 2023-01-10 Views: 10

Not long ago, the reporter learned at the provincial kiwi high-quality development site (training) meeting held in Hanzhong City that this year is another bumper year for kiwifruit. The total output of kiwifruit in Shaanxi is expected to exceed 1.2 million tons. At present, the province has established 29 key kiwifruit counties and 3 kiwi fruit test stations to demonstrate and promote new and excellent kiwifruit varieties such as Nongda, Nongda Kixiang, Nongda Yuxiang, Nongda Golden Kiwi, Ruiyu, and Jasper.

In 2019, the area of kiwifruit in Shaanxi reached 936,800 mu and the output reached 1.0724 million tons. It occupies an important position in the country and the world's kiwifruit production pattern. It has become recognized as the second largest golden sign of Shaanxi fruit industry after apples.

Accelerating the integration of the tertiary industry and improving the quality and efficiency of Shaanxi Province's kiwi key counties are 16 poor areas, farmers can grow kiwi fruit, enterprises work, "branch + enterprise + poor households", and become corporate shareholders to obtain more benefits. Among them, the kiwifruit planting area in Zhouzhi County is 432,000 mu, with an annual output of 530,000 tons of fresh fruits, an output value of more than 3.2 billion yuan, and the per capita income of fruit farmers more than 13,000 yuan. There are 1,007 professional kiwi cooperatives in the county, operated by e-commerce and micro-business There are more than 4,000 households and more than 300,000 people engaged in kiwifruit related industries.

The total area of kiwifruit in Meixian County has grown to 302,000 mu, with a total output of 49.5 inches, and an output value of 3 billion. The number of farmers has exceeded 60,000. The average income of fruit farmers per mu is 4,000-6,000 yuan, and the highest is more than 10,000 yuan. 70% of the income of township fruit farmers comes from kiwifruit, which has become a characteristic industry of modern agriculture and a sunrise industry for farmers to increase their income;

The area of kiwifruit in Hanzhong City is expected to reach 120,000 mu this year, and the output will reach 6 inches. Shangnan and Luonan have built two thousand-mu ecological kiwifruit demonstration gardens, and Pingli County has built 3,000 mu of Lvkang ecological kiwifruit industrial park. Southern Shaanxi is becoming a province. The emerging key area of kiwifruit has reached nearly 300,000 mu in just a few years.

Brand value and industrial system are getting better. Cultivating corporate product brands based on regional public brands is the magic weapon for successful brand building of multi-farm farms in developing countries. Creating regional shared brands is the only way to promote regional agricultural product branding.

In 2018, it successfully registered the "Zhouzhi Kiwifruit" regional public brand trademark and won the title of "China Kiwi Capital". In 2019, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China awarded Zhouzhi Kiwi Fruit Geographical Indication Certificate. In the evaluation of the regional public brand value of China's agricultural products in 2019, the brand value of Zhouzhi kiwifruit ranked first in China's kiwifruit regional brand value rankings with 4.706 billion yuan.

After Zhouzhi Kiwifruit successfully registered the "Chinese Geographical Indication Certification Trademark", Meixian was awarded the title of "Advantageous Area of Chinese Characteristic Agricultural Products" by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and Grass Administration, and was selected as one of the first batch of 100 agricultural products protected by EU in the national-level list of geographical indications. The kiwi fruit wholesale market in Mei County has been completed and put into use.

It is understood that the industrialization level of kiwifruit in the province has been improved. In some places, cooperatives have been formed through large-scale growers of talents and retail investors, unified procurement of agricultural materials, unified management, unified sales, and expanded production scale; kiwifruit sorting accuracy and capacity continue to improve. The awareness of kiwi fruit finishing has been continuously enhanced, and the industrial chain has become increasingly perfect.

After rapid development in recent years, the kiwifruit industry in Shaanxi Province has achieved a historic transformation from pioneering and enterprising to leapfrog development, and then to improving quality and efficiency. It has achieved obvious ecological, economic and social benefits and ranks first in the country in terms of scale.