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New domestic apple varieties "Ruiyang" and "Ruixue" passed the national examination and approval

Publish Time: 2023-01-10 Views: 15

Since the beginning of this year, Red Fuji apples have become the most shining star in the domestic fruit industry. Statistics show that, although China’s current apple production accounts for about 55% of the world’s output, more than 90% of them are imported varieties. In other words, my country’s independent cultivars account for less than 10%.

The good news came. According to the "Economic Daily" report, two new high-quality late-ripening apple varieties "Ruiyang" and "Ruixue" bred by the team of Professor Zhao Zhengyang of Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University have passed the national certification-this is the first time that Shaanxi Province has passed the national certification. The approved apple variety with independent property rights is another major achievement in the field of fruit tree breeding since Northwest A&F University successfully cultivated the "Qinguan" apple in the 1970s. It is worth mentioning that "Ruiyang" and "Ruixue" have obvious advantages. Regardless of early fruiting, high yield or fruit quality, they are expected to compete with "Red Fuji" varieties.

Mentioning "Qin Guan" is familiar to people in the industry. It is understood that this variety was also bred by Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University. It is known for its advantages such as high yield, disease resistance, easy management, and storage resistance. It has become the largest cultivated variety of self-bred apple varieties in my country, but it is undeniable. Its taste and quality still lag behind the Japanese "Red Fuji".

In this context, in order to cultivate a new breed that has the high yield of "Qin Guan" but also has or exceeds the quality of "Fuji" and can replace "Fuji", the research team of Zhao Zhengyang of Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University has gone through nearly 20 years of research. Through arduous exploration, using hybrid breeding methods, and following the breeding ideas of "less combinations, large groups" and "step selection", two brand-new varieties of "Ruiyang" and "Ruixue" were successfully cultivated, achieving a new breakthrough in apple hybrid breeding.

According to reports, the "Ruiyang" apple is a high-quality, high-yield, late-maturing and red variety. The parent cross-bred selection of "Qin Guan" and "Fuji" combines many excellent traits of "Qin Guan" and "Fuji". The fruit is cone-shaped, large in size, clean, easy to color, and bright in color; the flesh is fine and crisp, sweet and delicious, and of good quality; it has high yield, can produce high and stable production year after year, is easy to manage, can be cultivated without bagging, and is suitable for Large-scale planting. It is particularly prominent in the high-altitude areas of the Loess Plateau.

The "Ruixue" apple is a high-quality, late-maturing and yellow variety, which was bred by cross breeding between "Qinfu No. 1" and "Pink Lady". This variety has obvious characteristics, the fruit is delicate and crisp, sweet and sour, with a strong flavor, unique aroma and excellent quality; the fruit shape is straight and tall, the fruit surface is smooth, and the appearance is beautiful; the maturity period is late, and the tree body is short. Branch characteristics, high yield, wide adaptability, can be promoted and cultivated in the main apple producing areas in my country.

It is understood that the "Ruiyang" and "Ruixue" apple varieties were approved by the Shaanxi Provincial Fruit Variety Approval Committee in 2015 and were approved by the Gansu Provincial Forestry Good Variety Approval Committee in 2017. In October 2018, at the Shaanxi-Baishui Apple Promotion Conference held in Beijing, the capital, "Ruiyang" and "Ruixue" Apples officially appeared in the Great Hall of the People. At present, these two varieties have applied for national variety property rights protection, and have been introduced for trial planting in more than ten provinces and regions across the country. Their cultivation performance is particularly outstanding in the main apple producing areas of the Loess Plateau, such as Shaanxi, Gansu, and Shanxi, and the promotion area has reached 50,000. More than acres, it is expected that it will become the most potential main planting variety for the replacement of late-ripening apples in my country, especially in the areas of the Loess Plateau.