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New crop of jasmine flower buds are harvested

Publish Time: 2023-05-16 Views: 7

In the core area of jasmine planting in Zhonghua Jasmine Garden in Hengzhou City, we can see that ten thousand mu of jasmine flowers are in bud under the sunlight, and the white jasmine buds are scattered among the green leaves. Flower farmers shuttle through the contiguous flower fields to pick jasmine flowers, which is a good harvest scene. Compared with previous years, more than one hundred thousand mu of jasmine flowers in Hengzhou City blossomed nearly half a month ahead of schedule, realizing the early market.


At the jasmine market, we saw flower farmers carrying bags of jasmines to trade. Fresh jasmines were piled up and fragrant. "We started to harvest flowers on April 12. Tens of thousands of kilograms of jasmine came to market one day. The first batch of jasmine flowers is the most fragrant in a year, and the price is higher than last year.


At the same time, we also met the local Jasmine picking contest which was very interesting. The purpose of this competition is to promote the excellent traditional jasmine culture, promote the development of jasmine culture and tourism industry, further establish the brand image of Hengzhou jasmine industry, and improve the professional skills and comprehensive quality of jasmine practitioners.

We insist on cooperating with local farmers to provide you with the best quality jasmine tea. A new batch of jasmine tea will be on the market soon, you are welcome to inquire about purchasing.


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