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Making mango and kiwi milkshake at home Not only drinks, but also maintenance products

Publish Time: 2023-01-09 Views: 7

Fruit is an essential food in our daily life all the year round. However, many young people don't like it. However, the ingredients in fruit can not only supplement the vitamins and nutritional value needed by the body, but also protect the skin. Some of the unique ingredients in fruit can't be replaced by meat and other foods such as vegetables, Therefore, if you want to match a more nutritious diet, fruits are indispensable. Fruits can not only be eaten alone, but also be used with vegetables to make salads, which can make nutrition more absorbed. They can also be made into milkshakes. For example, mango and kiwi milkshakes are not only drinks, but also contain higher nutrients.


Mango is one of the five tropical fruits, which is very suitable for this solar term. It not only has high calories, but also contains sugar, vitamins and trace elements. It has a very good nourishing effect on our body. For fresh kiwi fruit, its nutritional value will be higher, Because fresh kiwi fruit is rich in vitamin C, which is the highest in all fruits and vegetables. At the same time, it also contains minerals and trace elements, which has a good maintenance effect on our body mechanism. From the aspect of whitening and beauty, fresh kiwi fruit can supplement the loss of collagen eggs. Long term consumption of kiwi fruit can brighten the skin, For mango Kiwi milk shake is also very simple, today let me believe to introduce it to you again.

Main ingredients: 500ml yogurt, one fresh mango and one kiwi fruit

The first step: choose fresh mango and kiwi fruit, clean them, then peel them, cut them into pieces and put them on the plate for reserve. When choosing mango and kiwi fruit, try to choose the ripe one. If the fruit is too hard, it will seriously affect the taste.

Step 2: put the cut mango into the juicer. When we cut it, don't cut it too big, otherwise it will be very hard.

The third step: then add the right amount of yogurt, the amount of yogurt should be determined according to the size of the quilt and the amount of fruit, as long as it does not overflow the juicer

Step 4: cut the mango and put it in another container, then put the kiwi in.

Step 5: also pour in the right amount of yogurt to start juicing.

Step 6: stir the tied kiwi fruit and mango together, so that they can be used. If you want the work to look better, you can decorate the milkshake with some mango or kiwi fruit, so that it looks more beautiful.


In this way, the milkshake can not only be used as afternoon tea, but also as a drink to supplement nutrition. It should be noted that mango and kiwi fruit need to be peeled and cut into pieces to extract juice, so that the taste will be richer. If the yogurt texture is thicker, you can add some pure water to dilute, so that the taste will be more delicate.