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Luochuan: Open Apple's post-processing era

Publish Time: 2023-01-10 Views: 12

Shaanxi Province’s 2020 key project observation activities started on November 3, and the first stop came to the Yan’an Luochuan Apple Industry Post-processing Demonstration Park. In the northern part of Shaanxi in autumn, the sky is blue, and fruits of different varieties, colors, and sizes are lined up. Each one is full of energy.

The era of apple post-processing started by Luochuan is to carry out batch harvesting, sorting and sorting, refrigerated cold transportation, personalized packaging, intensive processing, brand marketing, e-commerce, "insurance + futures" and tourism, Experience a series of processes at the back end of the industry such as picking.

After finishing, it has changed from a new word to a "golden" word for fruit farmers in Yan'an. Yuan Ningning, a villager in Shanghuayuan Village, Qiulin Town, Yichuan County, calculated an account: “My family planted 12 acres of apples, yielding about 1,000 kilograms of fruit per acre. After finishing, I can earn more than 50,000 yuan per year.”

Since Guzui Village, Fengqi Street, Luochuan County, with 73 fruit farmers and 243 acres of orchards, opened the road to finishing, the good fruit rate of their orchards increased from 60% to 70% to 85%. The villager party Yongan pointed to his name on the stone pole and said: “From here on is my fruit tree planting area. One mu of land can plant 101 trees, and I have 7 mu of land, with a total of more than 700 fruit trees.”

The faster Yanan Apple is on the assembly line. Hao Yangang proudly said: “This is the most advanced 4.0 intelligent fruit selection line in the world, which can select 240 tons of apples per hour. Apples can be divided according to size, color, sugar content, and even CT images. , The fruit with black core can be picked out immediately. On September 27, we signed a one-time large order of 235,000 tons."

The Yan'an apples of the post-finishing era run very ecologically and environmentally friendly. In the showcase of Luochuan Qiquan Biomass Power Generation Co., Ltd., there are more than 10 kinds of agricultural and forestry waste samples such as apple tree branches, tree trunks, bark, and corn stalks. "These acquired wastes can be directly compressed into molding fuels, and the ash from the burning of wastes can also be made into new building materials such as moisturizing bricks." said Li Yong, general manager of the company. The Qiquan Biomass Cogeneration and Jinyilai Waste Reflective Film Recycling Projects have been completed and put into production. The annual recycling of 300,000 tons of fruit tree branches and 2,000 tons of waste reflective film have not only solved the problem of non-point source pollution in the fruit industry, but also served as a farmer. Increased revenue by more than 60 million yuan.