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Kiwifruit can overcome ten kinds of common virus cells, shocked!

Publish Time: 2023-01-09 Views: 6

Kiwi fruit is known as the "king of fruits", and it is the fruit with the highest nutritional density. And fresh kiwi fruit has a secret - it can control ten kinds of virus cells.


1. vitamin C - breast cancer

Usually eat more kiwi fruit, can inhibit the production of cancer cells. Vitamin C, as a powerful oxidant, can prevent mutated genes from transforming into cancer cells. Kiwi fruit is rich in vitamin C, which is why fresh kiwi fruit is very sour. Therefore, eating more fruits rich in vitamin C can effectively prevent breast cancer, gastric cancer and lung cancer.

2. Amino acids obesity

Kiwi fruit contains proteolytic enzymes, which can help our body quickly decompose excess fat, thus accelerating cell metabolism, keeping our body in good condition and full of vitality all the time. Kiwi fruit juice can help stomach digestion, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and help sleep.

3. Vitamin B6 promotes skin regeneration

The content of vitamin B6 in kiwi fruit is as high as 5%. Vitamin B6 has a good effect on the treatment of damaged skin after sun exposure.

4. Germanium -- myopia and amblyopia

Studies have shown that most people with amblyopia are deficient in germanium. Kiwi fruit contains a variety of trace elements, including germanium, which can prevent amblyopia.

5. Folic acid - fetal malformation

Many pregnant mothers go to the drugstore to buy folic acid tablets. In fact, they can not take them without taking them. The folic acid content in kiwi fruit is as high as 6%, which can effectively prevent fetal malformations and promote the healthy development of the fetus.

6. Manganese -- dementia

Manganese can help the normal operation of the central nervous system, therefore, manganese deficiency is easy to lead to dementia. Kiwi fruit is the food with the highest nutritional density. Every 100 grams of kiwi fruit contains 5 grams of manganese, which can fully meet the needs of the human body.


7. Vitamin B group oral ulcer

Most oral problems are caused by a lack of B vitamins. Kiwi fruit pulp contains vitamin B group, accounting for 21% of the total kiwi fruit, which can effectively prevent and treat oral ulcer, gingival swelling and pain and other oral problems.

8. Constipation, gastrointestinal discomfort

Kiwi fruit is rich in dietary fiber and proteolytic enzymes, which can help the stomach break down the food that is not easy to digest, speed up digestion, reduce fat accumulation, so as to play the role of moistening intestines and defecating, which is very effective in the treatment of constipation.

9. chromium - diabetes mellitus

Kiwi fruit also contains chromium. Studies have shown that the chromium content of diabetic patients is generally lower than that of normal people. Chromium is added to diabetic patients. Chromium can stimulate cells to secrete insulin.

10. Depression

Depression in adults may be due to a lack of a brain neurotransmitter. Kiwi fruit contains serum promoter components can play a role in stabilizing emotions, can help emotional people keep calm, can also help people out of trouble.