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Kiwi can reduce fat, how long can you lose weight?

Publish Time: 2023-01-10 Views: 10

Autumn, all kinds of fruit, kiwi fruit also listed, the kiwi fruit contains a variety of vitamins, is a good fruit beauty to raise colour, what about kiwi fruit is also useful in losing weight, will go with you see below:


Can eat kiwi fruit to lose weight in autumn?

You can lose weight!

Because kiwi fruit contains very rich in dietary fiber, can help the gastrointestinal peristalsis, promote the digestion of food, the kiwi fruit also contains very rich pectin, pectin can have the effect of lubrication gut, can also control the body to the absorption of fat, pectin can also clear bowel of residual waste at the same time, can help defecation.

In addition, kiwifruit contains proteolytic enzymes that help quickly break down fat, and can also produce proteins that speed up metabolism, which reduces fat accumulation.

The amino acid, which is now recognized in the weight loss world, is also abundant in kiwifruit, and the lysine and methylamine acid in the kiwifruit is essential for the synthesis of carnitine. Carnitine is one of the ingredients promote fat burning, can be converted to heat excess body fat promotion of utility, carnitine in the body is about to peak at the age of 20, then began to decrease, therefore, eat a kiwi also supplement the powerful helper that reduce weight.

Two, why kiwi can lose weight?

1. Fruit dietary fiber improves constipation.Kiwi fruit inside, full of a lot of dietary fiber can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, help digestion, and has a lot of pectin in the kiwi fruit, pectin can have the effect of lubrication gut, let not be absorbed by the body fat, pectin can also clean up the garbage in the gut, accelerate bowel movement, the toxins out of the body.

2. Digestive enzymes reduce fat accumulation.Kiwi fruit contains proteolytic enzymes that help break down fat efficiently, and can also produce proteins that speed up your metabolism.

For people who are late meal time usually late, rich in kiwifruit alkali digestive enzymes can help digestion, reduce the burden of intestines and stomach, so bizarre fruit into the late people lose weight good partners.

Carnitine promotes fat burning.

The amino acid, which is now recognized in the diet, contains a lot of lysine and thiamine acid, which is essential for the synthesis of carnitine.

Carnitine is one of the ingredients can burn fat, can the promotion is converted to heat excess body fat, the body of carnitine about peak at the age of 20, then began to decrease, so eat kiwi fruit is good to help lose weight.


Third, the reverse age miracle recommended kiwi fruit weight loss method.Kiwi fruit diet 1.

Prepare material: shelled shrimps 24, 100 ml peanut oil, salt, pepper, fresh lemon juice 5 TBSP, 2 TBSP fish sauce, 2 TBSP sweet chili sauce, 1 TBSP sugar, mint leaves a bunch, basil leaves a bunch, peeled golden yellow and green kiwi fruit each 2, 1/2 red onion.Production method:

1. First, cut two kinds of kiwi fruit into strips.

Wash the Onions and cut them into strips. The mint leaves and basil leaves are shredded together and placed in kiwi and onion.

Mix the sauce in the material into your favorite flavor.

4. Pour in the right amount of oil, pour in the shrimps and stir-fry for a few minutes, then sprinkle with some pepper and salt.

Stir the shrimps and the kiwi fruit salad together.

Kiwi fruit diet 2.

Preparation materials: 5 kiwi fruit, 20 grams of fine sugar, 120ml cold water.Production method:

1. After cleaning the kiwi fruit, remove the epidermis and then cut into cubes.

Dissolve the granulated sugar in cold water and pour it into the juicer and add the kiwi fruit to the pulp.

3. Pour the mixture into the crisper, refrigerate the freezer and freeze for 3 hours.

4. Then remove the frozen kiwi and loosen it with a spoon, then put it in the freezer, and then repeat 3 times to eat.

Kiwi fruit diet 3.

Prepare the material (this material for 4-6 doses) : kiwi fruit 4, persimmon, 2, 2 small five tomato, orange, 40 g, fresh crisp prosciutto salad vegetables (bell peppers, lettuce, comprehensive Chinese leaf amount), sauteed white sesame moderate, special honey strange fruit salad sauce in moderation.

Production method:

1. Peel the kiwi fruit and cut into a mouse-size.

2. Wash the persimmon, and cut the peel directly into a mouthful.

3. Sweet pepper, lettuce leaves, and integrated lettuce leaves are cut into one mouthful and then served in the bowl.

4. Add the kiwi fruit, persimmon, raw prosciutto, and small tomato, then pour in the special salad sauce and stir.

5. Finally sprinkle the Fried sesame seeds, and the green leaves will be more decorated.

6. In addition to persimmon and oranges, you can substitute apples, grapes, loquat, cherries, or pears in the season.


Countercurrent miracle tip: kiwi fruit has the very good result reducing weight, but everyone's constitution is different, when eat yangtao note that sugar, pixu (spleen deficient), chronic gastritis, vagina flow field the best fasting; Menstrual cramps women, during the period to eat less, had better not eat; Rheumatic cold, infantile diarrhea should not be used.