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How to make kiwi fruit jam How to make kiwi fruit jam

Publish Time: 2023-01-10 Views: 7

Kiwifruit is known as the king of vitamin C. It is a delicious fruit that many people like to eat. However, when most people eat kiwifruit, they will remove the peel and eat the pulp directly. People don’t know much about other ways to eat it. In fact, kiwi fruit can not only be eaten directly, but also can be used to make jam. The jam made with it has a sweet and sour taste. If you want to know how to make jam with kiwi fruit, you can refer to the specific introduction of the recipe below.

How to make kiwi jam

1. When making jam with kiwi, you need to prepare 1 kilogram of fresh kiwi, and the prepared kiwi must be naturally ripe. Fresh kiwi, such kiwi will make jam to taste sweeter. In addition, prepare 500 grams of sugar and half a lemon. , Use a fruit knife or a special tool to peel off the outer skin of the prepared kiwi, and rinse the obtained pulp with running water.

2. Rinse the cleaned kiwi fruit pulp, cut into small cubes and place in a clean basin, add the prepared sugar and mix well for marinating, then squeeze the prepared lemon out of the lemon juice and put it into the kiwi fruit pulp, marinating time About 12 hours, after marinating, take a stainless steel pot, pour the marinated pulp into the pot and boil it, slowly simmer it into a thick sauce, and then turn off the heat and cool down. Kiwi jam made.

How to make kiwi jam

1. When making kiwi jam, you can prepare 500 grams of rock sugar and 1500 grams of fresh kiwi fruit, first remove the outer skin of the prepared kiwi fruit, and then cut the obtained pulp into pieces and put it directly in a clean dish In the machine, let the food processor mash it into mud.

2. After crushing, the kiwi fruit pulp is taken out, put in rock sugar and marinated. After the rock sugar is completely melted, put it in a clean pot and heat it to boil. Then prepare an appropriate amount of lemon juice and honey, put it in the pot and cook together, I see After the Qiaoqiao fire, slowly boil it with a low fire, until the kiwi fruit in the pot becomes a thick sauce, turn off the fire, and after cooling down, put it in a clean glass bottle and seal it for storage. You can take it out when needed.