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How to avoid "hormonal" kiwis when buying kiwis?

Publish Time: 2023-01-10 Views: 15

All female friends are kiwis, which can help to lose weight and also whiten and beautify the skin. It is a very good health care product. And now the price of kiwi is very cheap, buy one bag at a time to take home. It is also very delicious to use it to make delicious small desserts, or to slice and dry it. Although kiwifruit is delicious, many people don't know how to choose when buying kiwifruit. So today I will share with you a good way to pick kiwifruit.

When buying kiwis, I often come across some hormonal kiwis. These kiwis have a smooth surface and a large size, but in fact they taste very bad, and they are sour and hard. They are particularly unpalatable. How to avoid "hormonal" kiwis when buying kiwis? Teach you 3 tricks, you will know at a glance!

Tip 1: Check if there is any fluff on the surface of the kiwi. If there are more fluff on the surface, this kind of kiwi is naturally ripe and tastes good, but if the surface is smooth and feels like a watermelon, then this kiwi is mostly The hormones are not good.

Tip 2: Look at the shape of the kiwi. If the kiwi is thin and long, and there are some kiwis with long memory, the growth environment must be very poor, because kiwis are more suitable for growing in the south, and kiwis grown in the north. It will be slender and long, taste bad and more sour. In addition, kiwis that have been treated with hormones are more prone to deformity.

Tip3: Look at the size of the kiwi. If the kiwi is the size of a lemon, it is normal. But if the head is too big as a fist, then it is too exaggerated. Most of the kiwis have been swollen with hormones. Moreover, this kiwi has a very sour taste, and the inside is particularly hard and unpalatable. Learn these tricks, let you buy at a loss.