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How should apples be preserved in order to keep them longer

Publish Time: 2023-01-10 Views: 6

Apples are often called the "golden fruit" because they are rich in vitamins and regular consumption has many benefits for the body. So how long is the shelf life of fruit apples? How to extend the shelf life of apples? Let's take a look together.

How long is the shelf life of fruit apples

1. How long is the shelf life of fruit apples?

Apples can be stored for about 40 days in winter at room temperature, and about 10 days in summer under normal conditions. In addition, how long an apple can be stored depends on when it was picked, how it was stored, and whether it was cleaned. Apple’s shelf life is generally 5-7 days on the store counter, 3 weeks in the kitchen at room temperature, and 4-6 weeks in the refrigerator. Many fruit distributors store apples in a controlled environment in a fruit warehouse, where they can be kept fresh for several months.

2. Why does the apple change color?

It will last longer in winter than in summer. After a long period of time, some nutrients will be lost and the color will change. This is because the apple meat contains an organic substance called tannin, which will come into contact with the apple peeling knife and produce black iron tannin covering the surface. In addition, apples also contain an oxidase. When the air encounters the pulp, the organic matter in the pulp is oxidized under the catalysis of the oxidase.

The discolored apple meat does not affect the consumption, other nutrients will not be oxidized in the air, and can still be used by the human body. In addition, vitamin C can be used to prevent the discoloration of the apple.

How long is the shelf life of fruit apples

3. How to extend the shelf life of apples?

1. Do not wash the apples if you don't eat them after you buy them. Wash them when you eat them.

2. Keep the apple intact, don't cut it for storage, and prevent the apple from being cut too early to increase the speed of pulp oxidation and deterioration.

3. Store the apples in the freezer of the refrigerator instead of at room temperature. A lower temperature can keep apples fresh for longer.

4. Wrap the apples individually in plastic or paper bags and place them in a dark place to prevent the diffusion of ethylene gas, because ethylene gas will promote the ripening of the surrounding apples. Wrap the apples in paper so that it will not last for ten days and a half month. It will rotten and will not spoil the taste.

5. Store in a wooden box, put a few layers of paper on the bottom and around the box, put every 10 wrapped apples into a small plastic bag, and when the morning is low, squeeze the two bags full of apples in opposite directions In the box, fill the box layer by layer, cover it with a few layers of paper, then seal it, and place it in a cool place. This storage method generally can store apples for 6 months.

In general, apples are one of the fruits that can be stored for a longer period of time, but after all, they are fruits. It is better to eat them as soon as possible after you buy them.