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How much do you know about the culture of kiwi

Publish Time: 2023-01-09 Views: 9

Kiwifruit is native to southern China. Other scientific names for kiwifruit are: Muzi, Maomu Guo, Vine Pear, Sheep Peach, Carambola, and the well-known kiwifruit. Actinidia belongs to the phylum Angiosperm. The appearance of kiwi is rough, dark brown and hairy, and the flesh is soft. Its taste is called a mixture of pineapple, strawberry, and banana.

The origin of kiwi

The history of kiwi fruit can be traced back to the "Book of Songs" in BC. Cen Shen, a native of Nanyang in the Tang Dynasty, said in a poem: "A kiwi on the well in the atrium". From this, we know that kiwi fruit was cultivated artificially. In the Tang Dynasty's "Supplements of Materia Medica", it said: "Kiwifruit is non-toxic and can be used for medicinal purposes. Indications of joint wind, paralysis, long-term gray hair, hemorrhoids, etc." Li Shizhen, a well-known medical scientist in the Ming Dynasty, described the shape and color of kiwi in his book "Compendium of Materia Medica": "It is like a pear, and its color is like a peach. Kiwis like to eat, so they have various names." Tang Shenzheng said in "Zheng Lei Materia Medica": It is sweet and sour, growing valleys, vines growing trees, round and hairy leaves, and its fruit is large like duck and goose eggs, its skin is brown, and it is sweet and edible after frost. "This sour, sweet, aromatic, and nutritious fruit has fallen asleep for thousands of years. Humans have only truly understood and used it for more than a hundred years. It has long been a "fairy fruit" food for monkeys.

The medicinal value of kiwi

Kiwifruit contains the anti-mutation ingredient glutathione, which is beneficial to inhibit the mutation of cancer genes, and has a certain inhibitory effect on liver cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer, prostate cancer and other cancer cells. Kiwifruit contains vitamins C, E, K, etc. It is a low-fat food rich in nutrition and dietary fiber, and has unique effects on weight loss, bodybuilding and beauty. Kiwifruit is rich in folic acid, which is one of the essential substances for building a healthy body and can prevent neural tube defects in embryonic development. It is also rich in lutein, which accumulates on the retina to prevent spots from getting worse. People who often eat barbecued food should pay attention to it, barbecued food will increase the incidence of cancer, because after barbecued food, nitrification reaction in the body will produce carcinogens. The vitamin C rich in kiwifruit, as an antioxidant, can effectively inhibit this nitrification reaction and prevent cancer from occurring.