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How many times a year should kiwi fruit be fertilized?

Publish Time: 2023-01-09 Views: 7

How many times a year should kiwi fruit be fertilized?

How to apply kiwi fruit fertilizer?

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Kiwi fruit is sweet and sour, which is loved by people. Kiwi fruit is also very expensive on the market. Therefore, more and more fruit farmers began to pay attention to the cultivation of kiwifruit. The fertilization of kiwifruit is related to the growth of kiwifruit. Therefore, fertilization management of kiwifruit has become an important content of kiwifruit field management. So how to fertilize kiwifruit? Now let's have a detailed understanding.


Fertilization technology of Kiwi fruit

Kiwifruit likes fertilizer but is afraid of burning. Once it lacks nutrients, it will appear yellowing, and the leaflet can stop growing. But kiwifruit root is sensitive to fertilizer, especially in hot and dry weather. Therefore, the principle of kiwifruit fertilization is a small amount of multiple far fertilization. Moreover, the demand of kiwifruit for fertilizer is different from other fruit trees. Kiwifruit likes phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, especially potassium fertilizer. Kiwifruit should be applied with base fertilizer once a year and topdressing 2-4 times a year.

1. Base fertilizer

The main purpose of fertilization is to restore tree vigor and promote the growth of fruit trees. The application amount of kiwi fruit base fertilizer accounts for 60% of the whole year. Generally, the base fertilizer is mainly decomposed organic fertilizer and NPK compound fertilizer. Fertilization mainly adopts the method of surface spreading or furrow application, and the two can be carried out alternately.

2. Topdressing before germination

The purpose of topdressing before germination of kiwi fruit is to promote shoot sprouting, shoot growth and fruit blossom. In this period, kiwi fruit needs more nutrients, especially phosphorus fertilizer in flowering period. Therefore, nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer is the main topdressing, combined with an appropriate amount of potassium fertilizer. In this period, kiwi fruit also needs a lot of boron, so we should pay attention to the supply of boron and other trace elements when fertilizing.


3. Topdressing during fruit expansion

The active titanium of Jintai beautiful full nutrition plant is made of organic titanium, which can supplement the nutrition needed by plants, improve the photosynthesis efficiency of crops, increase chlorophyll content, color and increase sweetness, protect the sun from beautiful fruits, regulate metabolism, promote crop growth and development and increase yield.

4. Fertilizer application in fruit coloring period

After the fruit entered the mature stage, the volume no longer increased obviously. At this time, it is the accumulation and transformation of nutrients in the fruit. At this time, the fertilizer mainly includes phosphorus and potassium, and less nitrogen.

During the period of fruit expansion, the amount of fertilizer needed is larger, not only the amount of fertilizer needed for fruit expansion, but also the fruit trees will take root at the bottom, and the aboveground branches and leaves are also in the stage of vigorous growth, so the amount of fertilizer should also be increased. In this period, phosphorus, potassium and calcium fertilizer is the main fertilizer, combined with an appropriate amount of nitrogen fertilizer is appropriate. Fertilization generally needs the combination of flushing fertilizer and foliar fertilizer. Foliar fertilizer can use Jintai liangye fertilizer to ensure the supply of nutrients for fruit expansion and promote fruit expansion.

In short, the whole growth process of kiwi fruit needs the support of fertilizer, the demand for nitrogen is more in the early stage, and the demand for phosphorus and potassium is large in the late stage. When applying fertilizer, we should measure the amount of fertilizer according to the growth habit of kiwi fruit and soil fertility, and pay attention to the combination of foliar fertilizer and flushing fertilizer. The above is about kiwi fruit fertilization management related content, if you have any questions, can message us any time.