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How long can kiwi fruit last ?

Publish Time: 2023-01-09 Views: 25

The shelf life of kiwis depends on when you pick them and which storage condition they are in.


Placing unripe kiwis, both cut or not, is acceptable in the fridge and will last the longest. Ensure you follow mentioned tips to minimize moisture loss and keep them flavorful as long as possible.


Another option is putting unripe kiwis at room temperature, and their shelf life will last for a week. Keep in mind, storing them in whole.


Ripe and cut-up kiwis must be preserved in the fridge. If not, they will last only hours and will be spoiled. They will not be bursting with flavor as the original ones.

Generally, you should select the best kiwis first before taking them home so that storing kiwi will be an effortless task.