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Here's what is red kiwi

Publish Time: 2023-01-09 Views: 8

Red kiwifruit is a new variety, a variety of red-flesh kiwifruit in Chinese kiwifruit. It is an extra-early red-heart variety. Its progeny have stable genetic traits, strong stress resistance, larger fruit, strong sweet and delicious flavor, and more storage durability.

The red kiwi has a strong vigor and a large growth of new shoots. Its germination rate is 36.3-73.7%, and the branching ability is extremely strong. The branch rate is about 85%. Each fruit branch sets 3-8 fruit, and the average fruit setting is 6. The average plant yield in three years is about 20-25kg, and the yield per mu can reach 2000-3000kg during the high-yielding period, with high and stable yield.

The fruit is medium-large and neat, with a single fruit weight of 60-110g and a maximum fruit weight of 130g; the fruit is short cylindrical, with greenish-brown skin and hairless. The juice is very rich, sweet and sour, fragrant and refreshing; fresh food and processing are excellent, especially suitable for making craft dishes. The total sugar of Hongyang kiwifruit is 13.45% higher than that of the world popular variety Hayward by nearly 5 percentage points, while the total acid is only 0.49%, the soluble solid content is 16.5%, and it is rich in calcium, iron, potassium and other minerals and 17 This kind of amino acid, vitamin C is as high as 135, will be listed in late August, and can be stored until February of the following year by temperature control method. The cross-section of the red sun kiwi fruit has radial red stripes that resemble the sun, radiant, beautiful and dazzling. It is a satisfying sight and a satisfying meal. It contains red pigment that nourishes blood and nourishes the skin.

Red kiwifruit is a rare and fine variety selected from individual wild kiwifruit. It has the following outstanding characteristics: beautiful fruit, good taste and high nutritional value. The cross-section of the fresh fruit has a purple-red line along the center of the fruit in a radial pattern, which resembles the sun's radiance and is beautiful in color, so it is called "Red Sun Kiwi." Hongyang kiwifruit has a medium-large and neat fruit shape, with an average unit weight of 100 grams and a maximum of 150 grams; the fruit is short and cylindrical, with fresh and tender flesh, sweet and refreshing (Flavor type, sugar content 18.5%), small heart and strong fruit flavor.

Wild resources

Red kiwifruit (kiwifruit is also called kiwifruit) as long as the altitude is between 350-1500 meters, the water On gentle slopes with guaranteed sources or plains with good irrigation and drainage, and the soil is acidic, you can grow "red kiwifruit" kiwis. Kiwi is a fruit tree that everyone is familiar with today. In fact, there are many kinds of plants called kiwifruit all over China. According to a survey by Chinese botanists, there are more than 52 species of Actinidia genus distributed in China, many of which are edible, and some taste sweeter than Chinese kiwi, such as "Bruno" kiwi.

One red kiwi fruit can produce 10 catties, and 110 plants per mu can produce more than 1,000 catties. The kiwi fruit is long and cylindrical, with an average weight of 85.0g and a maximum weight of 155.0g. The peel is dark brown, smooth, with inconspicuous fruit spots, flat bottom, slender stalk; yellow flesh, more juice, and fragrance Taste, sweet and sour flavor; soluble solid content 14.50%-15.50%, vitamin C content 933.60μg/g, total acid content 1.20%; mature in mid-September.

Because the red kiwi is bred from wild resources, it has strong resistance to diseases and insect pests, making it the best choice for the production of pollution-free and export-oriented high-end fruits. As long as it is planted properly, it can be a good helper for farmers to get rich. Because of its rich nutrition, the red kiwifruit is called "green beautician" locally. It has been growing non-stop for at least 30 years. February to August of each year is when it grows most vigorously!

Red kiwi fruit is nutritious and delicious. The sugar content in the fruit is about 13%, the acid content is about 2%, and it also contains 400 mg of vitamins per 100 grams of pulp, which is nearly 9 times higher than that of citrus. The red kiwi kiwi fruit is sweet and sour, with a refreshing fragrance. Others have been cultivated by breeding experts and become excellent varieties that can resist low temperature and are immune to diseases.

The soluble solid content is 16.5%-23%, the acid content is 1.47%, and the solid-acid ratio is 11.2; the aroma is strong and the quality is excellent. The storage properties of the fruits are average. They will begin to ripen after 10-14 days of storage at room temperature (25°C), and can be stored for about 3 months under cold storage conditions.

Growth environment

Red kiwifruit can grow and bear fruit normally in high and low altitude areas. It has good ecological adaptability, high yield, stable yield, good fruit quality, strong resistance to high temperature and drought, and strong resistance to diseases and insects, but it is cultivated in low altitude areas , The red flesh of the fruit becomes lighter. Cultivation in areas above 1000 meters above sea level can best reflect the characteristics of the red heart of the fruit. Therefore, red kiwi is more suitable for planting in areas with higher altitudes (1000-1500m) to fully express its variety characteristics.