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Fruit and vegetable crisp, freeze-dried fruit, flower fruit tea really have nutritional value?

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Dried fruit is obtained by drying out most of the water contained in the fresh fruit. Traditional drying methods are divided into natural drying and artificial drying. The temperature conditions are no more than normal temperature or heating.

Natural drying causes the loss of nutrients, especially the oxidative damage of vitamins, plant pigments and bioactive ingredients. Artificial dried fruit and vegetable crisp is a kind of dried fruit products, its taste is good, the processing technology is constantly improved, in order to maintain the original various important nutrients of the fruit.


Fruit crisp products

Fruit is the body's main source of vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber. Output of fruit ranks first in the world. But storage and processing capacity is weak (only about 10% of total production). Developed countries can reach 20% ~ 60%) so deep processing capacity and level need to be improved. The crisp chips of various fruits and vegetables produced by vacuum frying and dehydration make the fruits and vegetables dehydrated at a relatively low temperature, which ensures that the nutritional components of the food are not damaged by high temperature, and the products better preserve the color, taste, shape and nature of the fruits and vegetables, and have a crispy taste.

Vacuum freeze-drying technology and freeze-drying products

Vacuum freeze-drying technology is a drying technology that freezes the dried substance into a solid state at a low temperature (-50 ~10℃), and sublimates the moisture directly into a gaseous state without going through the liquid state under the vacuum condition, and finally dehydrates the material. Vacuum freeze-drying process, because of the vacuum state, does not cause damage to the antioxidant components of the fruit. The low temperature has a good protective effect on the original nutrients of the material, and the shape of the material will not be damaged. In particular, dried fruit and vegetable products obtained in this way have very good rehydration and retain the original flavor of food.


Drink and eat fruit tea and flower fruit tea

In Chinese ancient herbs, there are many formulations of dried fruit and various tea products. The fruit tea and flower fruit tea introduced in this paper are based on the vacuum freeze-drying method of dried fruit jelly grains, and then combined with the corresponding tea and flower products. Its advantage is that fruit vacuum lyophilized products fully retain the organic acids, water-soluble vitamins, flavonoids, tannins, minerals, aromatic oils, dietary fibers and so on contained in the original fruit. Organic acids and water-soluble vitamins can increase appetite, promote metabolism, aromatic oils awake brain and improve eyesight, flavonoids and tannins antioxidant, lipid reduction, cardiovascular protection.

You can both drink and eat

Because fruit freeze-dried products rehydrate very well. After brewing, you can not only drink, but also eat the rehydrated pulp together. It can be said that you can both drink and eat. This is a convenient way to eat fruit for those who work.

The combination of fruit tea improves health

Our ancestors have recognized the health benefits of dried fruit since ancient times. For example, the folk prescription hawthorn tea, the use of hawthorn to soothe the stomach, qi dispersing blood stasis, has the effect of softening blood vessels, expanding coronary arteries, reducing pressure heart. The combination of hawthorn and green tea can effectively improve the health care function. « Daming Materia Medica » believes that the nutrition of peach is good to walk the skin, the peach is dried (dried peach), often take, can play the role of beauty, the peach and the right amount of green tea or flower tea, can skin care and beauty, anti-aging, but also can improve the flavor of drinks. Western flower and fruit tea was originally formulated with herbs as raw materials. Some of them have medicinal, aromatic plants for health care, beauty, cooking. By the end of the 18th century, with the addition of fruit and fruit, its leisure value was gradually recognized by people and gradually developed into a fashion drink, which was introduced into Taiwan in the 1980s. Its natural flavor and health effects are favored by people, and elegantly called "flower and fruit tea".

Here are some examples of flower and fruit tea.

Blueberry Cheese Flower Tea: Ingredients: Roselle, dried apple, dried blueberry, rose hip, berry leaf, cornflower. The efficacy of diet is to protect the eyes and resist aging.

Fruit Rum Flower Tea: Ingredients include roselle, elderberry, grape and raspberry. The efficacy of diet is to regulate endocrine and improve complexion.

Cherry Sweetheart Flower and Fruit Tea: Ingredients are roselle, pineapple candied fruit, raisins, bananas, cherries. The therapeutic effect of diet is to prevent and cure iron deficiency anemia, enhance physical fitness, and improve brain and intelligence.


Brewing and drinking of freeze-dried fruit tea

Because fruit vacuum lyophilized products retain the original biological active ingredients, vitamins, organic acids. In order to avoid the effect of some bioactive substances such as polyphenols and flavonoids being damaged at high temperature, try not to brew freeze-dried fruit tea at high temperature. Generally with warm boiling water (about 60℃) brewing, soaking time a little longer, so that the pulp shape can be basically restored to drink. If mixed flavor flower and fruit tea, it is not appropriate to put too many varieties at the same time, generally three or four kinds is appropriate. Otherwise, it will affect the appearance and taste. In addition, flower and fruit tea is used to taste, but also for people to enjoy, the best choice when brewing transparent glass pot. It is also a kind of visual enjoyment to watch the tea being dyed a little by little to become beautiful and crystal clear.


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