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China's first kiwifruit pressure difference pre-cooling and ripening device was successfully develop

Publish Time: 2023-01-10 Views: 15

According to the Shaanxi Department of Agriculture, the first domestic kiwifruit pressure differential pre-cooling and ripening device was successfully developed in Zhouzhi, Shaanxi. This year, China's first ready-to-eat kiwi fruit box horse was launched, and the market has responded well. The successful development of the ripening device also provides technical support for the rapid development of the domestic instant kiwifruit market in the future.

Kiwi fruit is a typical respiration type fruit. Fresh fruit cannot be eaten immediately after picking. It needs to be ripened and softened afterwards, so that starch can be decomposed into sugar and acid to meet the edible requirements. This is why consumers need to leave it for a period of time to eat after purchase. For a long time, domestic fresh kiwi fruit and hard fruit have been on the market, which cannot meet the consumer demand of buying and eating immediately and maintaining a long shelf life. With the expansion of the fresh food market and the changes in consumption and eating habits, it is becoming less and less acceptable to consumers to buy it when it is ripe. Instant kiwi has become a new market demand. Instant kiwifruit is based on the physiological characteristics of kiwifruit after harvest, through a series of dynamic adjustments of temperature, humidity and gas environment to promote the conversion of fruit starch, and at the same time delay the degradation of pectin, so that the fruit can completely convert starch while maintaining a certain degree of hardness and shelf life. Superb.

The storage time of kiwi fruit that meets the requirements of "pick and eat" is destined to be shortened. Kiwis picked on time can be stored for several months at a temperature of 0-1°C, while fully ripened kiwis can be stored for 30 days. Most of the time, consumers are required to eat them as soon as possible. In addition, kiwis picked on time have a higher tolerance for pressure, while soft ripe kiwis have a lower tolerance for pressure, and the risk of damage during transportation is greater, and the risk of damage may increase with the volume of transportation. Increase and increase. In addition, the lack of domestic mature devices to complete the standardized post-ripening process is an important factor restricting the development of domestic ready-to-eat kiwifruit.

With the support of the key research and development plan of the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Shaanxi Bairui Kiwifruit Research Institute has been committed to the research and integrated demonstration of kiwifruit post-harvest commercial processing technology for many years, and took the lead in researching and developing kiwifruit decomposing fruit harvesting and post-ripening patented technology and compression technology. Poor pre-cooling and ripening device. The pressure difference pre-cooling and ripening integrated device is based on the principle of aerodynamics to match the gas environment oxygen, carbon dioxide, ethylene, humidity and ozone sterilization detection and adjustment system, realizes digital setting and adjustment, and provides the best conditions for the ripening of kiwi fruit. The taste of the fruit is the best, and the edible window period of more than two weeks is maintained. At present, the supply of high-quality kiwifruit products in Shaanxi is insufficient, and there is a lack of mid-to-high-end brand products. To commercialize agricultural products, it is the general trend to buy ready-to-eat. The next step for the development of the domestic kiwifruit industry is to shift to production standardization, post-harvest processing standardization, quality safety, intelligent operation, product branding, and integration of the tertiary industry, so as to promote the quality and efficiency of the kiwifruit industry to achieve high quality development of.