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Baoji kiwi fruit sells well overseas

Publish Time: 2023-01-10 Views: 9

Good news came from the national (Mei County) Kiwi Fruit Industrial Park. my country’s first batch of 40 tons of fresh kiwi fruit was highly favored by local consumers, and foreign trade orders continued to flow. Recently, 10 consecutive batches of 200 tons of kiwifruit set off for export again from the National Kiwifruit Industrial Park (Mei County).

"With the meticulous assistance of Baoji Customs, we are confident that we will continue to expand overseas markets in the next step. We will take the improvement of kiwifruit product strength as our top priority, and cultivate and plant more new products with good taste, beautiful appearance and long storage period The variety will give more surprises to fans all over the world who like kiwifruit, and enhance the influence of Chinese kiwifruit in the international market." said Lu Wenbo, marketing manager of Shaanxi Qifeng Fruit Industry Co., Ltd., a kiwi export company.

Kiwifruit is a specialty agricultural product of Mei County. It is loved by consumers because of its sweet taste, delicate flesh, and rich vitamin C. In order to ensure the stable export of products, customs officers from Baoji Customs under Xi'an Customs have repeatedly visited relevant fruit companies to instruct their orchard management, packaging plant management, packaging requirements and quarantine treatment requirements. Zhang Liuyan, Commissioner of Baoji Customs, said: "Considering that foreign countries have high requirements for various testing standards for kiwifruit exported from China, Baoji Customs has established a quality and safety management system, pest monitoring and control, management of the use of agricultural chemicals, and good agricultural practices. It will provide all-round guidance to help companies practice their'internal strength', improve product quality, ensure that products meet relevant standards of exporting countries, ensure the quality, safety and freshness of exported kiwifruit, and enhance product competitiveness and brand recognition in foreign markets."

Lu Wenbo said, “The Qinling Mountains in the southern part of Meixian County have the world’s largest wild kiwifruit resources and are recognized by experts at home and abroad as the best eugenic area for kiwifruit. Relying on natural resource endowments and unique location advantages, kiwifruit has quickly become a characteristic leading industry in the county economy And the main source of farmers’ income.” At present, the kiwifruit growing area in Mei County, Baoji, involves 8 towns, 121 villages and 55,000 farmers. The added value of the non-public economy accounts for 70% of the county's total economic output, ranking first in Shaanxi Province.