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Apple, the most popular fruit!

Publish Time: 2023-01-10 Views: 9

Regardless of whether the apple looks bland or beautiful, it is always the most popular fruit in the world. A US blogger called "Courage Fish" did such a boring and interesting experiment:

Searching for all currently available fruits in Google, "Apple" topped the list with 413 million pieces of information. Followed by oranges, bananas, strawberries and so on.

The blogger also stated in the article that he wanted to enter "apple" and "fruit" to avoid searching for information about Apple, but after all, "Apple's influence on contemporary culture and manufacturing can also reflect the popularity of this fruit. Degree."

Zhang Wen explained: "It can be said that apples are the most important fruit in the world. There are currently more than 80 countries growing apples in the world. China is the largest producer among them, and Fuji has become the world's largest cultivated variety.

The global annual output of apples exceeds 60 million tons. What is the concept?

Assuming that each apple weighs 200 grams (medium Fuji apples), then the world will eat nearly 400 billion apples every year. Among them, there are direct imports, and a large amount of them are made into cider, apple juice, jam, and sold all over the world. "

Wang Xiaowei also told the reporter of "Life Times" that there are many reasons why Apple became famous.

First, the apple planting is highly adaptable, with many suitable growing areas, and the environmental requirements are not very harsh.

Second, apples are resistant to storage and can be stored for years. "The apples we eat this season, except for some early-ripening gala fruits, are all from last year." Zhang Wen added.

Third, apples are easy to process and can be made into wine, juice, jam, dried fruit and other foods, which further expands the range of food.

Fourth, apples are crispy and nutritious, suitable for the tastes of people all over the world.

The study also found that apples are a very old "fruit". According to the British "Daily Telegraph" and "Sunday Times" reports, about 60 million years ago, a disaster that wiped out the dinosaurs brought about the birth of the apple tree.