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How to make kiwi wine good to drink?  Steps of fresh kiwi fruit wine brewing

Publish Time: 2023-01-09 Views: 2

Kiwi fruit is rich in vitamins and minerals. Making kiwi fruit wine can get a lot of benefits. Kiwi fruit is rich in vitamin C and vitamin E, and has strong antioxidant effect. Fresh kiwi fruit can not only prevent arteriosclerosis, diabetes, liver dysfunction and other diseases, but also improve chronic fatigue.

Since ancient times, kiwi wine has been popular as a beauty product. It has been said that the delicate, moist and elastic skin of women in the Qin Dynasty was related to their frequent consumption of kiwi wine. Therefore, many people like to apply fresh kiwi fruit wine on their face and body surface, because low concentration of fruit acid has the effect of anti wrinkle and skin cleaning. What are the methods and steps of kiwi wine? Wine and fresh kiwi fruit ratio must be appropriate, not more wine, or less fresh kiwi fruit, the general ratio is 1:2.


How to make kiwi wine good to drink? Steps of fresh kiwi fruit wine brewing

1. main ingredients kiwi fruit, Baijiu, sugar, clean containers.

2. The ratio of fresh kiwi fruit, wine and rock sugar was 10:10:5( Adjust to personal taste)

3. Choose the unripe high-quality fresh kiwi fruit to grasp in the hands without rubbing. Clean the surface fur with clean water, turn the head at both ends, and slice the fresh kiwi fruit.

4. First put the fresh kiwi fruit into the bottom of the container, add the rock sugar and pour in the sorghum wine.

5. You can add some Lycium barbarum and lemon slices to taste better.

6. Dry the water and bottle it after drying; The amount of wine should not exceed the fresh kiwi fruit in the bottle, and it can be drunk after sealed in a ventilated and cool place for one month.