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Farmers who plant kiwi fruit should pay attention to the management points of kiwi fruit expansion period!

Publish Time: 2023-01-09 Views: 3

From the end of May to July, kiwi fruit needs a lot of nutrition. According to the results of Kiwi fertility test, the amount of nitrogen absorbed by kiwi fruit accounts for 53.1% of the total year nitrogen, 55.4% of the total phosphorus and 52.8% of the total year potassium. Therefore, to grow the fruit, these nutrients must be sufficient.

In order to ensure the green health and ecological organic of kiwi fruit, we need sufficient nutrition to meet their growth needs in this period, what should we do? Our orchard did it


First, in order to ensure that the soil has enough nutrients to meet the growth demand of kiwi fruit, our orchard picked the fruit last year and added the biological manure cow manure. Cow manure not only contains rich organic matter (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, etc.), but also has a variety of soil microbial groups. These are incomparable factors of fertilizer. Organic bio fertilizer can not only keep soil fertility, avoid soil degradation, but also improve soil permeability, and benefit the respiration of Kiwi root system and promote the transportation of nutrients. Cow manure - the nutritional source of green healthy organic kiwi fruit.

Second is the irrigation. The nutrients in the soil are absorbed by kiwi fruit, and water is an indispensable carrier. Therefore, the soil water condition must be very good in this period. According to the soil water condition, macaque grows in the most suitable soil environment.

Finally, weed control. The growth of grass will waste a lot of nutrients. We use artificial and mechanical methods to weed, inter row machinery weed, and close to fruit trees to avoid mechanical damage to kiwi root system. Herbicides should not be used at all. Herbicides will not only leave pesticide, but also affect the root system of kiwi fruit, and hinder the absorption and transportation of nutrients.