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Chinese new crop hot selling fresh dried chamomile flowers tea

Chamomile is also called Roman chamomile, German chamomile. Chamomile essential oil extracted from chamomile is also very popular as a bond protection and pharmaceutical product. Because chamomile can help patients sleep, relieve inflammation and pain symptoms, relieve the effects of insomnia caused by neurological itching skin. It is also widely cultivated in parts of China for medicinal purposes and tea production.

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Product Description

Chamomile is native to Europe. The center is yellow, the petals are white, and the leaves are slightly fuzzy.

Chamomile essential oil, which is derived from chamomile, is also very popular as a bonding and medicinal product. Chamomile can help you sleep, relieve inflammation and pain symptoms, and relieve insomnia caused by nervous itching. Chamomile is also grown in large quantities in China, mainly for use in medicine and tea.

Product NameChamomile Tea
OriginAnhui , Suzhou province
Ingredients & usage100% nature selected chamomile flowers without any additives

Improve memory and lower cholesterol.

Expectorant cough, effective relief of bronchitis and asthma,

Relieve pain, headache, menstrual pain, etc

Calm the spirit, relieve the mood,

Help with allergic skin.

Relieve eye fatigue and apply brewed cold tea bags to your eyes to help remove dark circles

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