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Blooming tea

This is the Chinese Yunnan famous blooming tea , it's natural dried flowers tea or the flowers mixed pu'erh tea or black tea ,  All the tea is healthy , natural no additives . Various flowers for you to choose , Private label , customized packages are welcomed !

Also we have the Fujian Craft blooming green tea ball , every tea ball will have special shape in the water  , it's really a beauty tea !

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Product Description

Craft blooming tea, also known as art tea and special craft tea, refers to tea leaves and edible flowers as raw materials, all is handmade through shaping, bundling and other processes to make a variety of appearance and shape, when brewing, can open in the water of different shapes . This tea is mainly produced in Yunnan and Fujian province . We have different styles of blooming tea such as flower ball tea , green tea based craft blooming tea , Pu’er tea blooming tea , Black tea based blooming tea ,and some other special shape blooming tea . it’s all natural healthy no additive tea products.Not only good shape, ornamental, taste is also very great !

Product NameBlooming tea
ShapeBall shape or another other shape
Ingredients100% natural dried flowers , Tea leaves , No-preservatives,No-additives
Storage and shelf life timeKeep in cold and dry place , 24 months  the pu’er tea can put longer time

1.Pure flower ball blooming tea

2.Craft blooming green tea

3.Pu’er mixed flower ball tea

4.Black tea mixed flowers blooming tea

How to drink the tea1. try to find a bottle or cup 450-600 ml . then put the tea , and water (below 50C warm water or cold water  ) , waiting for 2-3 minutes , put some sugar or honey , or put some ice , then you can enjoy it   
Green tea based craft blooming tea , it uauslly mixed the Jamsine , lily , rose, cheysanthemum,globe amaranth Flower..., With green tea as the main raw material ,Different shapes will be presented in the tea cup, both beautiful and delicious art tea!
Flowers & Balck tea ball ,The perfect fusion of black tea and natural flower tea, tea leaves and flowers through heating, plasticity, drying and other processes, more suitable for storage, and flower and tea flavor perfect fusion
Flowers& ripe Pu’er tea ball , Yunnan fermented Pu 'er tea is combined with various kinds of flower tea, adding light floral fragrance to the original mellow flavor of Pu 'er tea, especially orange peel Pu 'er tea, which has a unique taste and is very popular. This blooming tea shelf life is very long, and the flavor will become stronger and stronger with time
Pure flower ball tea, We select the flowers or petals of various edible flowers and process them into spherical flowering tea, which makes the flowers more interesting and vivid. Our flower tea is handmade, and the flowers are natural and healthy without any chemical addition.Different flowers have different function for your body !

In addition to all of these tea , we have many different shapes of blooming tea and some compressed tea cake ...

Our orchard & Factory

The production area is Yunnan and Fujian Province in China. All of our flowering tea are selected from Pu 'er in Yunnan and Fuding in Fujian. We adhere to the traditional manual production, from the raw materials to the production process, we strive for excellence.

Package & Delivery

We have different packaging, to ensure that the quality of the products in storage and transportation is not affected, fresh and intact reach the hands of customers. Customized packaging is also welcome. Whether by sea or air we are very experienced to keep the freshness quality of goods as much as possible.


Our orchard and factory is verified by the agricultural department and the customs export inspection department, all exports products are also in line with the standards, We have HACCP,ISO,FDA and many other certifications.Of course, we also provide our customers with a number of product certification documents according to the import policy of the destination country.


Q:Why chose us?
A: Best quality, competitive price,ISO9001 ,HACCP ,HALAL ,GREEN FOOD, ZTC certificates, enough stocks and strict quality controlsystem.

Q: Whether to accept small samples order ?
A: Yes , except the Fresh fruits , others of products we welcome smaple order .

Q: Can I get a discount?
A: Yes, different quantities have different discounts. Please contact with us for more detailed info.

Q:What's your delivery time?
A: 5-20days after received payment,the delivery time are different based on your quantity demands.

Q:What's your payment terms?
A: L/C,T/T, Western Union, Paypal ...

Q:Can you provide OEM service?
A: Yes, sure. More details of the OEM service please contact us at any time.