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Blue lotus flower

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Product Description

Blue lotus is mainly cultivated in Hubei and Hainan Island of China. It is a very beautiful ornamental and medicinal edible flower. According to the nutritional analysis of blue lotus, water lily is rich in 17 kinds of amino acids, and its protein is a high-quality protein. The results also showed that lotus flower was rich in VC, flavonoid glycosides and trace element zinc, and the combination of these two elements had a strong function of lead removal.

Product NameBlue lotus flowers
OriginHainan /Hubei province
Ingredients & usage100% nature selected full complete blue lotus flower without any additives
Function and usageInhibit cancer cells,
Calm and soothe mood, help sleep,
Rich in a variety of trace elements such as amino acids, regulate human endocrine
Decoration , essence

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