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Golden / Yellow Kiwi

Yellow kiwi fruit is a kind of fruit rich in vitamin C, which is rich in antioxidants and can prevent and treat cancer. Arginine, which is rich in arginine, can also improve blood flow and reduce the occurrence of thrombosis. It has certain efficacy in dealing with such major diseases. It is a healthy and healthy fruit with delicate flesh, rich aroma, sweet and refreshing taste, extremely low acidity and rich nutrition, which is called "king of fruits" and "king of vitamin C"

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Product Description

Fresh Yellow/Golden kiwi fruit, which are popular in the world market. It’s Smooth appearance, no downy, or very little downy, flesh is golden or pale, juicy, moderately sweet. Different varities the fruits size is different , but most Single fruit weights 90 ~ 150 grams. The vitamin c content is Our orchard have different varities of Yellow kiwi fruits such as HuaYou,Gloden, Jinyan .

We can offer kiwi fruit in a variety of sizes and varieties from our orchards to customers around the world.

图片13YELLOW/GOLDEN KIWIGolden (Middle size ,Glossy brown skin without fuzz, yellow to golden flesh, sweet aroma, tender meat, rich flavor )it can be stored for 10-15 days at room temperature and for 3-4 months at (0±0.5)℃. It is relatively resistant to storage and transportation.Middle September --Next March
Huayou (Middle size ,Ovalshape ,  brown surface without villi , flesh is light yellow ,it’s very juicy )It can be stored for 10-15 days at room temperature after harvest, and for 4-5 months at 0-1℃.Middle September --Next March
Jinyan(Big size , The surface is without fluff, yellow flesh,  juicy, tender meat, fruit flavor is strong)In room temperature it can be stored for about 10-15days, in 0~1℃ cold storage can be stored for more than 4-5 monthsMiddle September --Next March


Our orchard & Factory

Our parents' generation try to plant kiwifruit, starting in 1991, in Zhouzhi ,Meixian counties , Formed the world kiwi fruit quality origin, The soil and the temperature is very suitable to the growth ofkiwi fruit. Now we have better orchards and cold storage, packaging workshop for kiwi promotion and sales

Package & Delivery

We have a variety of fresh kiwi packaging, to ensure that the quality of the fruit in storage and transportation is not affected, fresh and intact reach the hands of customers. Custom packaging is also welcome. Whether by sea or air we are very experienced to keep the freshness quality of kiwi as much as possible.

Fresh golden kiwiSizePackagingShipping
8kg/ctn0.8kg*10blister box60x40x12cm918ctns2160ctns
10kg/pvc crate75-110pcs45x30x20cm910ctns2184ctns

Our orchard and factory is verified by the agricultural department and the customs export inspection department, all exports products are also in line with the standards, We have HACCP,ISO,FDA and many other certifications.Of course, we also provide our customers with a number of product certification documents according to the import policy of the destination country.



Q:Why chose us?
A: Best quality, competitive price,ISO9001 ,HACCP ,HALAL ,GREEN FOOD, ZTC certificates, enough stocks and strict quality controlsystem.

Q: Whether to accept small samples order ?
A: Yes , except the Fresh fruits , others of products we welcome smaple order .

Q: Can I get a discount?
A: Yes, different quantities have different discounts. Please contact with us for more detailed info.

Q:What's your delivery time?
A: 5-20days after received payment,the delivery time are different based on your quantity demands.

Q:What's your payment terms?
A: L/C,T/T, Western Union, Paypal ...

Q:Can you provide OEM service?
A: Yes, sure. More details of the OEM service please contact us at any time.